Ubi Caritas performed by the Parish Choir

St. Joseph’s Parish Choir performs Ubi Caritas virtually. We invite you to view the video below. Many thanks to Jamie Loback, to Liam Kennedy-MacDonald for editing the video and to all members of the Parish Music Ministry!

Liturgical Resources for Holy Thursday

A Note for the Easter Triduum

If you registered online to attend Easter Triduum, please note that all Masses are proceeding as planned and we are looking forward to seeing you. The capacity limit for Holy Thursday and Good Friday is 30% and for the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday it is 15%. We expect that we can accommodate everyone who pre-registered. Registration is now closed. We will be sending out music, scripts, a video homily and other material to help keep our parish community connected.

5 thoughts on “Ubi Caritas performed by the Parish Choir”

  1. Ubi Caritas is so beautifully performed by St. Joe’s choir. What a joy they are; it was wonderful to “see” them singing again.

    On another note St. Joseph’s in pictures brings back memories of happier times when we celebrated together! Great job of keeping our community together Chris. Thanks

  2. Voices through instrument, voices in song and Caritas bringing tears to assuage even the pain of Jesus and open the heart to hear the vibration of the soul ringing faith renewed. May the Peace of Christ wash over each one of you. Our deepest thanks for your dedication to the grace of performance worthy of the Cross.
    Rosemary and Gyde Shepherd

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this BEAUTIFUL performance and for making it accessible to all of, especially in this Lenten and Easter Season!

  4. The power of song. Our Parish is blessed with those who have given their time and talent to share their voices. Sitting here with my eyes closed these blessed voices help me feel much closer to God.
    Prior to this intimate experience, I was struck at the pictures of several members of our Parish. The tears flowed from my eyes as I saw so many people that I have not seen or hugged in the past year. Since my experience with Covid-19, last September 2020 I do not leave my home.
    It is through your song and the message of others that keeps me sane.
    Peace of Christ

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