The Season of Creation: A Reflection, Liturgical Resources and a Parish Update

We open the Season of Creation with a reflection from our pastor. Fr. Jim Bleackley OMI shares:

“Faith gives us trust that God’s Spirit is constantly renewing the face of the Earth. Within this horizon of hope, our baptismal call frees us to return to our human vocation to tend and care for Mother Earth in ways that are renewing and life giving.”

Andrew Pump & Terry Byrne reflect on St. Joe’s Parish

Liturgical Resources

Parish Update

Congratulations to Mary Ruddy

Mary Ruddy, GSIC, celebrated 60 years of service as a religious sister last year. Due to COVID, her community was only able to celebrate with her last week. We join her community in this celebration and thank her for her service to our community at St. Joseph’s.

A Request from the Refugee Outreach Committee

The members of the Refugee Outreach Committee are expecting the arrival of a family of 4 — 2 parents with 9 and 6 year old boys, on Sept. 13. They are in need of a place to quarantine, separate from other residents, for 2 weeks before they move into a more permanent housing location on October 1. Due to the Afghan situation, affordable hotel rooms which were arranged have become full and unavailable. If you know of an available, affordable place for 2 weeks for this family please contact John Weir: 613-220-1811. Gently used furniture and household items would also be greatly appreciated.

University Mass is back September 12th at 7:00 p.m.!

We’re excited to welcome new and returning students to University Mass at St. Joseph’s Parish in the heart of Ottawa, beginning Sunday, September 12th at 7:00 p.m. and continuing every Sunday evening for the rest of the academic year! Meet other Catholic students and young adults, and get to know our vibrant campus parish! Here at St. Joe’s, we’re passionate about offering quality music, thoughtful liturgies and meaningful outreach to the broader community, including a food bank service, community meals through the St. Joe’s Supper Table, daily lunch and women’s programming in the St. Joe’s Women’s Centre and refugee support. We look forward to meeting you on Sunday, September 12th at 7 p.m. and wish you a great start to your time on campus!

Outdoor Mass for the Season of Creation

Saturday, September 11, at 4 pm
Galilee Centre, Arnprior ON
Presider Fr. Richard Kelly OMI;  Homilist Joe Gunn from Centre Oblat- A Voice for Justice

Amid crises that have shaken our world, the global Christian family has awakened to the urgent need to heal our relationships with creation and with each other. .Join us for our eucharistic celebration on the serene grounds of Galilee Centre to give thanks for the wonder of Creation. Some limited seating will be provided but you are welcome to bring a a lawn chair with you. Galilee events are open to all adults who are full vaccinated against Covid19. Masking and distancing protocols will also be observed.

Season of Creation – A Home for All 

The theme for this year’s Season of Creation is A Home for All? Renewing the Oikos of God. We are all in the house, the Oikos, of God. Oikos is the Greek word for “home”. The renewal of the home of God includes the renewal of our homes and institutions. God gave humans the ministry to take care of and cultivate this oikos of God. The cry of the Earth reminds us that our home is in danger, that we have forgotten that we live in the household of God.

We live with a fundamental interconnectedness, but we act as if our actions do not affect others. In fact, our integral ecology (oikologia) reminds us that we are all interconnected and that animals, plants, non-sentient organisms and minerals each play a vital role in maintaining the balance of this beloved community.  Our choices, actions and decisions have economic (oikonomia), social and political ramifications that affect the balance of creation. At the same time, economic and political decisions have direct effects on the human family.

Sustaining just ecological, social, economic and political relationships requires our faith, reason and wisdom.  Faith gives us trust that God’s Spirit is constantly renewing the face of the Earth. Within this horizon of hope, our baptismal call frees us to return to our human vocation to till and keep God’s garden. In Christ, God calls us to participate in renewing the whole earth, safeguarding a place for every creature, and form just relationships among all creation. Let us all cry out, “Come Holy Spirit, renew the face of the earth” .

  • Reflecting on the Sunday Readings – September 5 Oikonome: A Just Home For All People (Isaiah 35:4-7; James 2:1-5; Mark 7:31-37)
    • Oikos, the Greek word for ‘home’, is the root word for ‘economy’ which, at a global level, is about planetary housekeeping. How far have modern understandings of the importance of the economy drifted from the root meaning of creating a secure and just home for all?
    • Isaiah and James make clear that God will champion the cause of the oppressed, and James reminds us that poverty and injustice are deeply linked to our economic behaviour and systems.
    • Mark reminds us that Jesus will care for all, especially those most in need.
  • Mark your calendarsWalk/Bike to Church Sunday – October 2-3.  Get in shape, get together with family and friends and come to mass by walking or biking!  Or take transit.  You will reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions in the spirit of Laudato Si’.  Then keep up this practice as often as you can.
  • Practical ideas regarding plastic – Why not try to be a single-use-plastic FREE home or workplace?  Invest in an insulated water bottle or coffee mug. Cut out all plastic bottled beverages. Choose aluminum cans or glass bottles if you must and recycle. Shop with a fabric bag or ask for a paper bag.  Use reusable mesh, beeswax and fabric bags for all produce.  Stay away from individually wrapped snacks. Every little bit helps to save our common home.

Prayers for Carl Joseph Kavanagh and his family

A few weeks ago, the brother of long-time St. Joe’s parishioner Gerald Kavanagh passed away. We are sharing his obituary below and we keep the Kavanagh family in our prayers.

Carl Joseph

It is with sadness we announce that Carl Joseph Kavanaugh passed away on August 6, 2021 at the age of 80. Carl was predeceased by his beloved spouse Geraldine (Piper) and his parents Mayme and Harry Kavanaugh and baby brother Victor. Carl leaves behind his sister Jean (Ryan) and brothers Gerald, Rupert and Clarence. He will be missed by his many nieces and nephews and his much loved extended family in Rochester, New York.

Employment opportunity at the Parish

St. Joseph’s Parish seeks to hire a full-time Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry and Faith Formation to serve our young adult community, coordinate Sacramental preparation and lead the RCIA process. For more information, please click here: St-Joseph’s-Ottawa-Coordinator of Young Adult Ministry & Faith Formation

Employment Opportunity with OMI Lacombe Canada

OMI Lacombe Canada, the English Oblate province that administers St. Joseph’s Parish,  is currently accepting applications to fill a Social Media Communications Specialist position. For more information, please click here: JOB posting – Social Media Communications Specialist

Sunday Offerings

  • August 22, 2021: $4,185
  • August 29, 2021: $6,255

Thank you for your generosity! If you are attending Mass, please leave your offerings in the donation table near the entrance.

Vocation Reflection: “Being Signs of Hope”
By Richard Beaudette, OMI – Vocation Team – East

“The heart of the Oblate charism is to “proclaim the Good News to the poor”. As Jesus demonstrates, and St. Francis of Assisi reminds us, our actions are more effective than our words. Both our words and our actions are to flow from, and be informed by, our intimate relationship with the Trinity. St. James also reminds us that our words of faith are to inform our actions. As we reflect on our universal vocation as disciples, and our particular vocations within that discipleship, we are challenged by one question today: Do my actions continue Jesus’ mission and ministry of “righting what is out of order”?” Read the reflection here (published on Friday September 3):

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  1. From viewing Terry’s interview with Andrew Pomp, I gained a fuller understanding of Andrew’s personal attributes and capabilities and treasured even more all that he has given to the parish during his years on staff. Such good news to know you will continue to be involved as a parishioner Andrew and abundant blessings in all of your pursuits!

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