St. Joseph’s Christmas Message on CHIN Radio

This morning, our Executive Director, Chris Adam gave the following message to the CHIN Radio – 97.9 FM listeners (It will air on Dec. 25th and January 1st, 2017):

“St. Joseph’s Parish wishes listeners of CHIN Radio a Merry Christmas and the very best for the New Year. Our Roman Catholic faith community has a mission of reaching out in solidarity to those who are poor or marginalized in the Ottawa community at large. Five days a week, we serve hot, nutritious meals to over 100 guests at our St. Joe’s Supper Table community meal program, while our St. Joe’s Women’s Centre day program provides meals and programming to women and children in need. We strive to be an inclusive community—in our liturgical celebrations and in our outreach programs alike. And we look forward to welcoming you! For more information on what St. Joseph’s has to offer, please call 613-233-4095 or visit our website:

St. Joseph’s Parish of Ottawa – Welcoming all!”


Thank you to CHIN Radio for their continued support and for allowing St. Joe’s to spread the word to the City of Ottawa this Christmas season.



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