Faith invites response…. Social Justice is one of those responses…

The Parish is striving to reflect and act from its call and the deep burning inspiration of the Holy Spirit with the hearts of the Church’s disciples.


Aboriginal Peoples and Settlers; We are a Treaty People

reForming Relationships was an ecumenical event that re- invigorated our ecumenical partnerships in Sandy Hill as well as our Healing and Reconciliation Circle with our aboriginal brothers and sisters. You can see the power of the paintings that inspired this two week event and read the reflections that helped us seek a deeper understanding of colonization and the broken relationships that still remain.Read the Oblate Apology and  the apology we sang at mass.

From the events, we became aware of new language – We are treaty people. All Canadians are treaty people. The two groups are defined more as Settlers and Aboriginals. Our next phase of discussion in this are will be based on further developing the awareness of being a Treaty People. Watch for more developments.


Dangerous Memories: Do Catholics Care about the Economy? 

We hosted an evening with Tony Clarke and Mike McBane to help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Document: Ethical Reflections: the Economic Crises, published in 1983.  Mike and Tony recalled the need then and now for ethical reflections on the economy from their passion for social justice and the cry of the poor. We are looking ahead to continue the discussion and once again, inspire the deep theological and ethical reflection necessary for a world that seeks peace.

Read Joe Gunn’s article in the Catholic Register that inspired the anniversary talk. Excerpt: ”  The document, called “Ethical Reflections on the Economic Crisis,” was released early in 1983 and became a front-page story. Within the first week, 18 editorials debated its contents (11 in favour, six opposed), 16 public affairs programs on radio dissected it, and 23 columnists wrote commentaries. The statement received international coverage in The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Time and Newsweek. In the days before fax and electronic mail, over 200,000 copies were sold and the text was eventually translated into seven languages. (You cannot find the CCCB history or the statements themselves on the CCCB’s web site, but Ethical Reflections is available on the Internet.)”


The Environment

Pastoral Letter on the Environment by the CCCB.

With a review by the Prairie Messenger: Read part of the article: “Recent church teaching and papal statements are clearly telling us that the way we are living is not sustainable,” said Bolen, one of the bishops on the Canadian bishops’ Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace, which released the new resource April 8 entitled Building a New Culture: Central Themes in Recent Church Teaching on the Environment.

“Care of the environment is a growing area of concern for the church and for all human beings, and in fact the church has been speaking about this — and in particular, recent popes have been speaking about this — not only with regularity, but with passion,” said Bolen.”

Two Bishops Statements on the Tar sands:

Bishop Murray Chatlain Letter

Bishop Luc Bouchard Letter

Resource page for Catholic Social Teachings