Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!


Couples interested in getting married at St. Joe’s
A.  We ask that both of you read our Wedding Guide that will help you to continue to discern and plan.

B.  If you have questions, please contact our Pastor.  If you know you want to book a date, please contact the Parish Office to check availability.  Please note that dates are NOT held over the phone or without a completed registration form and payment.  The Wedding Guide goes into all the details you need.

Forms and Resources for Weddings at St. Joe’s:

Your Wedding Guide  – Read this first!

Wedding Registration Form – bring completed to 1st meeting at St. Joe’s

St. Joe’s Wedding Checklist for Couple – bring a copy to your 1st meeting at St. Joe’s

Freedom to Marry (one needed for Bride, and one needed for the Groom)

A note to Wedding Photographers and or Videographers

Suggested Scripture Readings for Weddings


Couples getting married outside of Ottawa but need to create their Catholic wedding file in Ottawa

If you are registered parishioner at St. Joe’s but are getting married somewhere else in the world, your marriage file will be prepared locally at St. Joe’s.
Your file will then be sent for the appropriate approvals and will eventually end up at the church where you are getting married. This is standard and expected in Catholic dioceses around the world.

Your first step is to schedule a time with the Pastor to begin your file.  If we do your file at St. Joe’s, your file will need to travel to many places before landing at the Church of your weddings so be sure to speak to the Pastor at least 6 months before your wedding date.  See the attached checklist for more information.

Forms and Resources for Wedding PAPERWORK ONLY:


St. Joe’s Wedding PAPERWORK ONLY Checklist for Couple

Freedom to Marry (one needed for Bride, and one needed for the Groom)

*Please note that your file cannot be mailed from St. Joe’s until the attached checklist is complete.


Marriage Preparation

At St. Joe’s, we usually host a Marriage Preparation weekend two (2) times a year.

The Fall Marriage Preparation Weekend is scheduled for October 24th and 25th, 2020.
More on Marriage Preparation  and Course Registration at St. Joe’s

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