1st eucharist

First Communion Preparation is a joint program at St. Joseph’s that includes First Reconciliation. We begin with First Communion Preparation classes that take place in the late winter each year with the celebration of First Eucharist scheduled during the Easter season.

2020 Registration is now open till the end of January. Just follow the link below:

Online Registration for First Communion/Reconciliation Preparation

Families are expected to be registered with the parish and be regular and active attendees. Children need to be at least 7 years of age (usually Gr.2).

The 2020 Course will start February 2nd and run through March 29th, with two weeks off for March Break, and will take place after the 9:30 am mass each week.

The First Communion Celebration for 2020 will take place on Sunday, April 19th at the 9:30 am Mass, and First Reconciliation will take place during the Reconciliation Retreat on Saturday May 23, 2020 from 10-12 a.m. in the Church. If your child is not able to make the retreat, you are welcome to contact Fr. Jim and set up a time for your child to celebrate First Reconciliation.

If you have any questions or special circumstances, please reach out to our Faith Formation Coordinator, Andrew Pump at  apump@st-josephs.ca or 613-233-4095, x 235. We always try our hardest to accommodate busy or traveling families. In these special circumstances we can prepare your child for First Communion throughout the year with a home-based program. After completing that program we can then schedule and celebrate your child’s First Eucharist during any of our weekend or weekday masses.