St. Joseph’s Parish Hall FAQ

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about St. Joseph’s Parish Hall. If you have a question that doesn’t appear below, please contact David Trepanier ([email protected]) for further assistance.


Q. Can I reserve a date before making a deposit?
A. No, unfortunately, we cannot reserve a date for you until the deposit ($500) is paid and a Rental Agreement has been finalized.

Q. Is the deposit refundable if I find another venue for my event?
A. Once paid, your deposit is not refundable. If needed, the rental date can be moved to another date within a year of when the deposit was originally made. If you change venues and/or need to shift your date outside of a year’s time, we would keep the deposit.

Q. Can I rent the Hall for an event during the week?
A. Due to internal use throughout the week and on Sundays, we do not rent the Hall any time outside of Saturday evenings (after 6:00pm)

Q. Can guests arrive before 6:00pm?
A. While organizers can be in the Hall all day, we ask that guests do not arrive until after 6:00pm due to our Mass taking place in the church directly above the Hall at 5:00pm. We ask that no soundchecks and/or major deliveries are made between 4:00pm-6:00pm to respect our congregation.

Q. Can I serve alcohol in the Hall?
A. Yes, you may; however, you would be responsible for attaining your own Ontario Liquor License.

Q. Can I host my wedding reception in the Hall?
A. No, we do not rent the Hall for private wedding receptions. The space is only offered for community events, banquets, and fundraisers.

Q. How do I qualify for the “Community Rate”?
A. A reduced rate is offered to non-profit groups and/or registered charities who use our space. To qualify, you must show evidence of your organization’s impact on the community and possibly provide your registered charity number.

Q. When is my Rental Fee due?
A. Your rental fee is due in full (cash, cheque, or credit) at least two weeks before the rental date. Your floorplan is also due at the same time.

Q. When am I able to access the space to decorate?
A. You are permitted to enter the space as early as 11:00am on Saturday morning. Our Maintenance staff spends the morning cleaning the space and arranging the floorplan to your specifications. Once our office opens at 11:00am, you can pick up the keys and will be trained on lock-up procedures.

Q. I notice you have a sound system and projector in the Hall. Would I be able to use them for my event?
A. Unfortunately, the installed audio/visual equipment in the Hall belongs to an exterior, long-term renter who use the space. Since it is not parish property, we cannot allow renters to use it. If you require audio/visual equipment for your event, you must use your own.

Q. Is the Hall accessible?
A. Yes, there is a stair-lift located on the West entrance that can be used for anyone with mobility issues. You will receive a key for this on the day of your rental. It is simple to use but please ask to be trained if you think you will require use of it. Please note that there are also two washrooms located on the main level for easy access.

Q. Can I store my items and/or equipment in the Hall for pick-up at a late time?
A. No, storage is not provided. Any items and/or equipment you use must be delivered after 11:00am and be removed following your event.

Q. Can I bring in a caterer?
A. Yes, we welcome any caterers of your choosing. Please note that if they require use of the kitchen, it is to be used to warm food only (no cooking).

Q. How does parking work?
A. Our parking lot is managed and monitored by a third-party company. Guests must pay the metered rate ($2/hour or $10/evening) or risk being ticketed. We offer a limited amount of parking passes for event organizers to use for contractors and/or caterers.

Q. When is my damage deposit returned?
A. You will be contacted on the Monday following your event once our Maintenance staff has inspected the space for damages. We can mail a cheque, make it available for pick-up at our office, or hold onto it for a future event.

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