AGM 2021

The St. Joseph’s Parish Annual General Meeting for 2021 will be held on Sunday, June 13th at 1:30 p.m. via Zoom. All parishioners are welcome to attend. Please register here.


  1. Welcome (Donna Rietschlin)
  2. Opening Prayer (Fr. Jim Bleackley OMI)
  3. Introductions & process of adoption of agenda (Donna Rietschlin)
  4.  Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes (Donna Rietschlin)
  5. Update on Terms of Reference for Parish Finance Committee (John Mark Keyes)
  6. Treasurer’s Report (Robert Sykes)
  7. Parish Pastoral Council Report (Donna Rietschlin)
  8. St. Joe’s Supper Table (Ryan Mitchell)
  9. St. Joe’s Women’s Centre (Marsha Wilson)
  10. Pastor’s Comments (Fr. Jim Bleackley OMI)
  11. Executive Director’s Comments (Christopher Adam)
  12. Closing Prayer (Fr. Jim Bleackley OMI)
  13. Motion to Adjourn


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