Parish Response to COVID-19

The Pastoral Team at St. Joseph’s Parish has been discussing possible preventative measures to help maintain a safe and healthy environment as concerns around the Coronavirus increase. The Archdiocese of Ottawa has offered instructions to parishes on this matter. Beginning this weekend and continuing for the remainder of Lent, the Communion Cup is no longer given to the faithful during Mass and only wafer Hosts will be used, rather than baked bread. During the Sign of Peace and the initial greeting, please do not shake hands, but rather offer a different gesture, such as a smile, a nod or a bow. Additionally, the fonts have been emptied of Holy Water and have been cleaned. You will find hand-sanitizer at the Welcome Desk.

Our Parish continues to monitor the situation and will work with both local health officials, as well as with the Archdiocese. If you feel sick, please stay at home as you recover. We will keep you updated as any changes are implemented.

Thank you!

–St. Joseph’s Parish

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