Parish Health and Wellness Needs Survey


St. Joe’s is an inclusive, welcoming community with parishioners of all ages and stages in life. While there are currently many ministries being offered at St. Joe’s, one area that seems to be somewhat under-served is the area of health and wellness of parishioners. The survey is a first step in determining whether or not there is a need to investigate further health and wellness programs or supports for parishioners. Results of the survey will be shared with the parish in the New Year (2019) in order to give parishioners plenty of time to respond and maximize parish participation. Please note that all information you share in this survey is completely CONFIDENTIAL and will only be used for the planning of any potential health and wellness programs within the parish. If you have any questions about this survey or the Health and Wellness Working Group, please contact Roshene Lawson at Please follow this link to fill in the survey:  Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill in the survey. Help us continue to provide important programming to all of our parishioners. Sincerely,


St. Joseph’s Health and Wellness Working Group.