St. Joe’s Women’s Center

St. Joe’s Women’s Centre

St. Joe’s Women’s Centre is dedicated to the needs of women and their children. The Centre serves women of all faiths, cultures, ethnicities, racial background and sexual orientation. Service is to women and/or those who identify as a woman over the age of eighteen, and children accompanied by their mother or legal guardian. Social and educational programs are offered to promote empowerment, autonomy and dignity in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Services offered include:

.     nutritious breakfast and lunch

.     emergency grocery program

.     toiletries and personal hygiene products

.    community service referrals

.    crisis intervention and support

.    access to computers, phone and fax

.    access to laundry and shower facilities

.    parent/child programs

.    social, recreational and educational workshops


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Our latest bulletin: 2023 Newsletter

Contact:  613 231 6722         

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