Refugee Outreach Committee

Refugee Outreach Committee

The Refugee Outreach Committee (ROC) welcomes newcomers who are fleeing hardship and persecution and assists them in their transition to an unfamiliar country and culture. We extend friendship and support through settlement and hosting plans and actions; sponsorship and co-sponsorship; advocacy for refugee rights and raising awareness of refugee issues; collaborations with partners; and ad hoc responses to situations.

The committee generally consists of 10-12 members who participate regularly and actively to assume various roles and responsibilities.

In 2018, we established a Settlement Support Team to respond to the unique settlement needs of refugee claimants by providing hands on direct support under the guidance of the Leadership team i.e. helping with English as a Second Language, familiarizing with public transportation, navigating the school system, accompaniment to and help with accessing Government Services, moving and setting up a household, etc.


Time commitment:

Committee meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month from September to June from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Meeting attendance is variable depending on each member’s involvement.



Involvement in the ROC requires openness, generosity, enthusiasm, respect for confidentiality, and an ability to be flexible when situations are unpredictable and challenging. Long-term committee members are ready to share their experience and to be part of a team effort.

“I believe in God’s immense compassion, and my involvement in the work of the ROC is a way to acknowledge that. It is also a response to Jesus’ call to welcome the stranger, and a belief in our common humanity.”


Interview:  Yes (to ensure a good fit between ROC goals and those of potential members).


Police Check:  Yes (along with the Archdiocese Pastoral Code of Conduct)



John Weir                 jh[email protected] 

Angela Murphy        [email protected]

Margie Cain             [email protected]

Louise Lalonde         [email protected]

Robyne Warren       [email protected]


Join the mission:

Pray for refugees in our own city and in the world.

Read about the changing policies and procedures taking place that effect people who find themselves as refugee’s.

Take time to read Pope Francis’s letter for Wolrd day of migrants and Refugees

Or read our own Canadian Bishops letter from 2006:
Other links you will find helpful:
Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers:
Canadian Council of Refugee’s
Ottawa; Catholic Immigration Centre

For information on Canadian Sponsorship Programs
Home – Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP)


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