Prayers of the Faithful

Prayers of the Faithful

In the Prayers of the Faithful, the members of St. Joseph’s community respond to the Word of God and to their baptismal commitment to the Christian way of life. Prayers are offered for the Church, for those who govern, for those weighed down by various needs, for all humanity and for the salvation of the world. These are the prayers of our community.

Prayers of the Faithful are included in each weekend Eucharistic celebration and also for particular celebrations, such as confirmations, marriages or funerals.

“In formulating the Prayers of the Faithful, one can truly enter into the spirit of our faith by contemplating the needs of the Church, the community, the afflicted, the poor and the numerous challenges and needs facing our world today.”


Time commitment:

Time is required to reflect on the Word of God for the particular celebration of the liturgy and for developing an awareness of current needs that require prayer and petition. The task of writing the prayers is coordinated by having different volunteers write the prayers for each Sunday. For example, with four volunteers, each would formulate the prayers for one Sunday per month.



This task requires writing prayers which are sober, composed with a wise liberty and in few words expressive of the entire community.


Training: An orientation to the structure used in formulating the prayers is provided.

Contact:  Dick Gunstone   613-262-2484

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