Offertory Collectors

Offertory Collectors

At each weekend Mass, just after the Prayers of the Faithful, the Offertory Collectors pass the collection baskets throughout the community to receive their monetary offerings. Usually a total of four Collectors are required, but this figure may rise to as many as eight for special masses when the church is full or overflowing. Collector duties on such occasions also include ushering members of the congregation during Communion. Each Mass has an informal team of Collectors to carry out these duties. After the passing of the baskets, two of the Collectors bring the collection forward during the offertory procession and secure it before final accounting and deposit.


Time commitment: Collectors serve for approximately 5-15 minutes during the Mass.



  • Ability to communicate and interact with others
  • Proactive nature, watching for ways to help others


Those wishing to act as Collectors should volunteer while basket duties are being assigned and, if selected, they will receive instructions and on-the-job training.

Contact:  David Robb        613-834-4036

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