Lectors proclaim the Word at the Sunday Liturgies with the goal of making the Word of God alive and meaningful for the congregation, to better understand the Word of the Lord. Weekly practice/discussion sessions are offered if a minimum of three lectors are able to attend. The evening sessions are arranged by the Session Leader for that week

“I learn so much about the readings and grow in my faith through meeting with other Lectors at the Practice and Reflection sessions. It feels like an honour to proclaim the Word at Mass.”


Time commitment:

Lectors may be asked to proclaim and attend the preparatory meeting once a month (more often for the Saturday Mass, less often for the Sunday Masses). During the school year, they attend a practice session mid-week (Wednesday or Thursday evening, 7-8 pm) to prepare. During summer, we use a voluntary sign-up sheet at the back of the church, with no weekly Practice and Reflection.

It is recommended that Lectors arrive early before their scheduled Mass to advise the Celebrant’s Assistant that they are present and ready to proclaim.



  • Comfort speaking in public and in front of a microphone
  • Clear pronunciation in English
  • Willingness to prepare individually and with other Lectors

Click here for the Guidelines for Lectors


Each Mass community has a “Lead Lector” who gives information and trains and plugs in new volunteer Lectors.


Lector Scheduler Dick Gunstone              613-262-2484            dick.gunstone@gmail.com

Lead Lector 5:00 Mass  Ann Kelly            613-749-8412            ak-3@sympatico.ca

Lead Lector 9:30 Mass  Patricia O’Grady                                   pogradym@icloud.com

Lead Lector 11:30 Mass  Mark Stolarik    613-825-6015            Mark.Stolarik@uottawa.ca

Lector Representative, Liturgical Committee Michèle Babin      babinmichele91@gmail.com