Gospel Players



Gospel Players

The Gospel Players are children who want to bring the Gospels to life by acting them out. In this way, the message of Jesus becomes more alive for them and helps them and the congregation to spread the Good News throughout the whole world. These children present the Gospel dramatization from the Children’s Lectionary at the 9:30 Family Mass on the third Sunday of each month. They also join older groups for dramatic presentations throughout the Liturgical Year.

“It makes the Church more of a community. It allows more young people to get involved.” “It was fun. And I learned more about the Bible.” “It was easy to go up and do it, and you make people happy.”


Time commitment:

At a short meeting following the 9:30 Mass on the first Sunday of the month, the children receive copies of the Gospel, choose the parts they want to play and have a brief practice. Often their parents help them to understand the Gospel better, speak the words clearly and assist them with the acting. Then on the third Sunday, they attend a 9:10 am practice just before their presentation.



Any young children who show an interest in joining the Gospel Players are most welcome. They learn quickly from the experienced children and from the directors, who are made up of both adults and older children.


Training: Provided

Police Check: Yes



Robyne Warren   613-424-4843      [email protected]

Connie Goulet     613-421-8299      [email protected]

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