Liturgical Environment Committee

Liturgical Environment Committee

The Liturgical Environment Committee works in collaboration with the Liturgical Planning Committee, designing and installing large scale, multi-media installations in the liturgical space at St. Joe’s. These installations attempt to harmonize with The Music, Reflections and other St. Joe’s Ministries in reinforcing The Word as presented in the Gospels.


Time commitment:

  • Meeting times and locations are scheduled collaboratively, as needed.
  • At least one member of our committee attends the Liturgical Seasonal Planning meetings and reports back.
  • Before Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter seasons there is usually a need for a larger time commitment for planning, preparation and installation.
  • Aside from meeting the major seasonal needs, we also attempt to set a tone for ordinary times and other events that are a parish focus.



  • We share our ideas, skills, talents, time, etc. collaboratively.
  • We have acquired quite a supply of materials which we store and endeavor to recycle into different projects
  • Our members contribute:

o Leadership through developing ideas which can become an installation reflective of a seasonal theme.

o Skills in sewing, floral arranging, suspending, lighting, structural supporting, building and balancing, elements of an installation.

o Time and space in which to work to design and create installation elements, (usually a church space).

o Physical strength for some heavy lifting and climbing etc.

o An ability to share ideas as a member of the liturgical planning team

o Openness to work with others i.e. consultation with St. Joseph staff for direction as we proceed with installations (custodians, carpenter, front office staff etc.).

o Some members help with specific tasks as needed i.e. installation, lighting, etc.



No training is required. Bringing an ability to share ideas and work collaboratively has proven to be enough to plan, create and install the installations.


Contact:  Wayne Moyle

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