Counter’s Ministry

Counter’s Ministry

Monetary donations to the parish and its various ministries are counted each week by volunteers. It is probably the oldest activity in our church, as there has always been a need to count the donations given for the church and for the needs of the people the church supports. Two counters are needed at all times. The tasks are generally divided by the preferences of the counters and decided between them.


Time commitment: We try to maintain about eight counters so that the rotation would require a commitment of about two hours just once a month. We always count on Sundays following the 9:30 mass.



  • Accurately count the monies donated
  • Ensure that the count balances (there are checks in place to do this)
  • Record cheques
  • Complete deposit book
  • Ensure that all monies are recorded according to the various ministries, e.g. Supper Table, Oblates
  • Maintain tax receipt information for visitors and non-registered parishioners
  • Sort envelopes by number
  • Ensure that deposits are placed in safe


  • Sense of humour
  • Comfortable knowledge of basic Mathematics
  • Ability to work in an organized fashion and as a team
  • Ability to follow procedure

Training: Provided for those interested in being part of the team.


Police Check: Yes

Contact:  Jill Lamont          613-680-3744     [email protected]

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