Bread Baking Ministry

Bread Baking Ministry

We are happy to offer the option of baked bread at the weekend Masses from September to June.


“Those who offer to bake the bread see it as a privilege and a prayer.”

Time commitment:

There are 15 bread bakers who commit to making the bread. This commitment is renewed each year in October. Everyone has a chance to bake bread for the Eucharist three times during the year. Sometimes people are unable to renew their commitment and there is a need for more bakers. I always make this known in the bulletin and through an announcement at Mass.



Bakers need to be able to follow the provided recipe and deliver the bread to the church according to the schedule.



Each year, there is a demonstration in February, graciously provided by one of our parishioners. This Tea and Bread Afternoon is an opportunity to get to know the other bread bakers.

Contact:  Clara Nasello CND            613-241-7085    [email protected]

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