Small Group Faith Sharing

Small Group Faith Sharing

For the last several years, this group has met weekly during Advent and Lent to prepare for the following Sunday’s liturgy. Through scripture reading, guided questioning and faith sharing, participants reflect and share their personal faith experiences. The group also prays together for common or personal concerns.

Some people join the group at a particular time in their life – bereaved, recently retired, new or inquiring Catholic, student – and move on. Others return from season to season, providing some continuity to the group. Over the course of the season, the members grow in their sense of community with each other and enjoy the opportunity to meet parishioners from other Masses.

“I have very much enjoyed the Advent preparation sessions, which provided time for faith sharing, quiet reflection, prayer, readings and discussion, and the opportunity to hear the perspectives and insights of others, all in a contemplative and respectful atmosphere.” “To hear the thoughts of others was always enriching to me, showed me hitherto unnoticed shades of meaning or gave me a completely new perspective. I feel close to the members of our Small Christian Community; they somehow became part of my life and my faith. And this community brought me closer to God, made him more real because he was reflected so openly in the lives of the others.”


Time commitment:

We meet at 7:30 pm on Wednesday evenings during Advent and Lent. Watch for details in the bulletin and sign-up at the Welcome Desk so that sufficient copies of the resource, Celebrating the Word, will be available for all participants. Participation is flexible; people are welcome to attend even they cannot attend all of the sessions.



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