Scripture Studies

Scripture Studies

This scripture study is offered jointly by the “sister” Oblate parishes of St. Joseph’s and Canadian Martyrs on Main Street to provide an opportunity to reflect on the Word of God. A session leader directs discussion and allows for exploration of a specific portion of the Bible (e.g. The Gospel according to Mark or the Book of Exodus) using scripture text, a commentary by a recognized scholar and a study guide. Discussion could also include noted historical, cultural or sociological references, personal understanding or reflections and shared experiences.

“It is always exciting and fascinating to see if my understanding of what was read matches that of others from the group. I find this a truly fulfilling way to deepen my understanding of the Word of God and then to live/apply it in today’s society.”


Time commitment:

  • 20 minutes/day Friday through Wednesday at home
  • 90-min. group discussion and prayer
  • Sessions are usually 7 – 12 weeks in length (depending on the study)



  • Willingness to read the assigned readings
  • Willingness to share reflections, thoughts or comments on the assigned readings
  • Leader may have to become familiar with DVD, audio-visual equipment
  • Leader should be able to steer discussions such that all feel they have participated (if they wish); focus on specific questions that may generate discussion; and/or encourage many different perspectives to be shared on a theme.


Training: Leaders will require some training on AV equipment.


Contact: Pamela Dixon                                   

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