Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation

Rooted in Christian tradition from earliest times, Christian meditation is a form of prayer rediscovered in recent years by John Main, a Benedictine monk, and renewed through his teachings. It is a way of simplicity in which we quiet the mind and become still and attentive to God. It is a prayer of silence which takes us beyond words, thoughts and images to experience the presence of Christ within us. We say a mantra.


Time commitment:

It is recommended that we meditate twice daily – morning and evening – for 25-30 minutes. We can meditate alone or with others.

St. Joseph’s Parish offers three periods of meditation at the church each week:

  • Monday morning at 9:30 am
  • Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.
  • Friday evening at 7:00 pm

Everyone is welcome. Each meditation session consists of a 15-20-minute recorded teaching by John Main or Fr. Laurence Freeman, followed by a 25-minute period of meditation. There is time for questions, comments, and a closing prayer.



Willingness to gather with others to pray in stillness and silence



No special training. Learn as you go.

Orientation is offered at each session, as required. There are written materials available.


Monday morning: George Martin and Rosemarie Morris 613-730-0108

Wednesday afternoon: Chaplain Rick Gariepy 613 265 1652

Friday evening: Elizabeth Smith

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