It is an ancient Catholic Tradition that all are welcome.

At St. Joseph’s Parish we try to make these sentences come alive.

We greet people with a smile on Sundays at the church doors. We speak to other parishioners in the pews. We provide advice and information at the Welcome Desk. We write welcome letters to new parishioners, meet them over coffee for more information and the personal touch. We introduce new parishioners to other parishioners over a relaxed lunch or dinner.

Would you like to join us?

Then please contact Maria Virjee at


The Welcome Desk is located at the church entrance. Here, you can fill out a parish registration form, sign up for various volunteer activities, or simply ask questions and get direction on contacts and who to contact.

Greeters can be found at all masses. Please feel free to ask them where anything is – they love to talk! If you want to greet, simply sign up at the Welcome Desk and someone will be in touch.