Welcome Ministry

Welcome Ministry

“It is an ancient Catholic tradition that all are welcome.”

At St. Joseph’s Parish we try to make this sentence come alive:

  • We greet people with a smile at weekend Masses at the church doors.
  • We speak to other parishioners in the pews.
  • We provide advice and information at the Welcome Desk.
  • We write welcome letters to new parishioners and meet them over coffee for a personal touch.
  • We introduce new parishioners to other parishioners over a relaxed lunch or dinner.


Time commitment:

Varies according to activity: greeters at the Masses; Welcome Desk; writing welcome letters; making personal contact; hosting/organizing welcome meals.



good interpersonal skills;

enjoy meeting new people



No official interview, but discussion with Ministry Coordinator


Contact:  Maria Virjee                      613-234-6000                      mvsali2@gmail.com

An inclusive community of faith