Social Committee

Social Committee

This is a great way to meet people at St. Joe’s, especially if you are new to the parish.  The social group initiates two community socials after the masses twice a year to allow parishioners to get to know one another.

After the Saturday 5 p.m. mass, a potluck meal is organized.  It is a true potluck!  Whereas, on Sunday, we offer refreshments after the two morning masses. Parishioners are encouraged to wear name tags.  At some of these events, there will be a special activity to allow people to get to know one another even better. There is no requirement to bake anything, though some members choose to do so.  Your role is simply to help set up the event, encourage participation at the event and then help with clean-up after.


Time commitment:

A couple of hours twice a year.



Work as a member of a team with good interpersonal skills.



Limited training needed; will be provided at first event in which you participate.


Contact:  Kathleen Allan                   613-729-1903            

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