Despite what the program name implies, the English Conversation Group (ECG) is not all talk. It is also fun, friendship and learning. Newcomers to Canada – immigrants, refugee claimants, and visiting students, anyone who needs help to improve their English conversation skills, finds it at the Wednesday evening conversation drop-in at 88 Main Street (7 to 8:30 pm). The student (newcomer) participates in one-on-one conversation with an English-speaking volunteer. No lessons, no homework, no exams, just everyday conversation and invaluable practice for the student. How is this fun? Ask the participating students and volunteers. They just seem to enjoy themselves. There is tea, coffee and cookies, which help keep things relaxed and informal. Friendship? It just happens. As for learning – it flows both ways in these conversational encounters. The student gains confidence in speaking an unfamiliar language and the volunteer gets to know and welcome people from all parts of the world and develops a better understanding of their cultures and customs.


Students and volunteers talking and getting to know each other is at the heart of this program. Give it a try.


For information contact:  613-744-2429 or  michaelrichard2008(at)

Busing there: OC Transpo Numbers 5 or 16, or take any transitway bus to Lees Station – exit at Lees, turn right and walk west to the corner of Main Street.

Sessions run from September through the end of June.