English Conversation Group

English Conversation Group

Despite what the program name implies the English Conversation Group ( ECG) is not all talk. It’s also fun, friendship and learning. Newcomers to Ottawa, immigrants, refugee claimants, visiting students and anyone who needs help to improve their English conversation skills can find it at our in person and online conversation sessions.

Our goal is to enable a newcomer ( participant) to have a one-on-one conversation with an English speaking volunteer. There are no lessons, homework or exams, just everyday conversation and valuable practice for the participant .

It’s fun, just ask any participant and volunteer, they all enjoy themselves and friendships can develop . As for learning — it flows both ways , participants gain confidence in speaking English and volunteers get to know and welcome people from all parts of the world and develop a better understanding of their cultures and customs.

I am an immigrant, and almost every week I sit in conversation with newcomers to Canada – fellow immigrants, refugees, students, teachers, anyone new to our city who has a need to improve her or his English-speaking ability. I like being part of this, helping a newcomer make progress in conversational English in order to become better equipped to participate more fully in the community. I like it too, because the ever-changing conversations give me a unique opportunity to learn about other countries and their cultures.” – Participant

With little bridges of conversation the English Conversation Group speaks welcome, fosters understanding and brings the diverse communities within our community a little closer together.


Time commitment:

The ECG meets for in person conversations every Monday evening for 1.5 hours and also has online Zoom conversations for 1.5 hours on Wednesday evenings. Weekly attendance by volunteers is not required , volunteers are free to volunteer as they wish.


A good command of English and a friendly disposition

Training:  None required

Contact:  Michael Richard             613-744-2429     michaelrichard2008@hotmail.com

Sessions run from September through the end of June.

An inclusive community of faith