In order to discuss the liturgy at an age appropriate level, St. Joe’s kids are invited to participate in either the Kindergarten-Grade 1, Grade 2-3 or Grade 4-6 group.

During the school year at the 9:30 Mass, children are invited to gather for about 15-20 minutes to break open the Word of God.  We recognize that children are equal in discipleship to adults.  Their experiences and contributions are validated and treated with respect.  In our activities, we invite children to express their faith at a level appropriate to their age and help nourish their spirituality.

“Watching and listening to the children express their spirituality is life-giving, moving and just wonderful.  When I help the children reflect on what it means to be a follower of Jesus, I learn so much myself and come away recharged and refreshed with words of wisdom to live by for the week ahead.”

For more information regarding Children’s Liturgy, please contact the Parish Office.