Liturgy of the Word, Music and a Parish Update on the Second Sunday in Easter

Dear St. Joe’s parishioners,

On this Second Sunday in Easter and on the sixth Sunday that we gather to reflect in our homes, rather than in our church due to the pandemic, we are offering liturgical resources to help keep you connected as much as possible to our faith community. This Sunday’s reflection is offered on video by parishioner Eleanor Rabnett. Jamie Loback has once again compiled a Liturgy of the Word and Prayers of the Faithful for you, while our organist, Tom Fagan, offers us some music. Thank you to all involved in producing the material for this weekend!

Liturgical Resources:

Music from St. Joe’s:

Parish Update:

  • The Saturday 5 p.m. Mass email group: Eleanor Rabnett has launched an email group for all those who attend Saturday 5:00 p.m. Mass, either regularly or just occasionally. You’re also welcome to join this list if you would simply like to share your thoughts, reflections and days during this pandemic with other St. Joe’s parishioners. To join, please email:
  • Are you feeling isolated or do you know a parishioner who is? Andrew Pump is reaching out to isolated parishioners and he would be happy to give you a call if you would like to chat or even deliver groceries to you, with help from our young adults. Please email:
  • St. Joe’s Food Bank: Ryan Mitchell and Marsha Wilson offered a food bank service this week, serving 60 people in the Sandy Hill community. Ryan has participated on teleconference calls with the Ottawa Food Bank and has connected with other community partners this past week. He also continues to apply for grants to help sustain the St. Joe’s Supper Table. Also this past week, I participated in a teleconference call to discuss St. Joe’s satellite food bank in Strathcona Heights. While the Parish was unable to offer this service for the past weeks, a pop-up initiative was developed by community partners to serve Wiggins residents. During this teleconference call, I reiterated St. Joe’s commitment to relaunch the satellite food bank as early as Saturday, April 25, 2020.
  • Offering for Holy Week and Easter: $5,240. Thank you for your generosity and for helping us to cover our on-going expenses during this shut-down. If you are a Sunday envelope user and would like to donate to the Parish, please consider using Canada Helps: .

Thank you for all your email feedback on the online material and communication sent out during this lock-down. We really appreciate hearing from you and knowing that you find this material helpful!


Christopher Adam


3 thoughts on “Liturgy of the Word, Music and a Parish Update on the Second Sunday in Easter”

  1. Thank you so much for providing this material, for the homilies via video, the organ recitals, the Liturgy of the Word for use at home, children’s readings and Prayers of the Faithful. Our family are availing themselves of it in various ways and appreciate the effort to keep us connected spiritually. To all involved we say ‘thank you’ and may we all be together again soon.

    In gratitude,
    Joy Heft and family

    1. Thank you to all the participants in the production of this mass–very well done and meaningful. I really enjoyed the words and music which are always fulfill the tradition at St. Joseph’s. This communication was most meaningful.

      Much appreciated,
      Larry Martin

  2. Dear Chris,
    Joseph and I have greatly appreciated our new way of worshiping with our St. Joseph’s church. It is really bringing out the the best of our parish, with very thanks to you and all others who are providing us with this very special ministry to keep us connected us connected. Father Jim comes through evermore as the the GOOD SHEPHERD that he is.

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