1 – Altar Linen Ministry
2 – Bread Baking Ministry
3 – Celebrant’s Assistant
4 – Children’s Liturgy
5 – Counter’s Ministry
6 – Eucharistic Ministers
7 – Gospel Players
8 – Lectors
9 – Liturgical Environment Committee
10 – Music Ministry
11 – Offertory Collectors
12 – Prayers of the Faithful
13 – Reflections Ministry

1 – Altar Linen Ministry

Each week, the altar linens are gathered, washed and returned to the church in preparation
for the following weekend’s Masses. Most weeks, only the purificators (cloth napkins used
with each chalice) need washing and ironing, but occasionally there is an altar cloth or alb
(priest vestment) as well.


Time commitment:

Usually a monthly commitment by pre-set schedule (i.e. second Sunday of the month).
Flexibility is available.



Willingness to pick up and return the linens in time for the following weekend.






Gail Hillier at 613-565-5945

2. Bread Baking Ministry

We are happy to offer the option of baked bread at the weekend Masses from September to

“Those who offer to bake the bread see it as a privilege and a prayer.”


Time commitment:

There are 15 bread bakers who commit to making the bread. This commitment is renewed
each year in October. Everyone has a chance to bake bread for the Eucharist three times
during the year. Sometimes people are unable to renew their commitment and there is a
need for more bakers. I always make this known in the bulletin and through an
announcement at Mass.



Bakers need to be able to follow the provided recipe and deliver the bread to the church
according to the schedule.



Each year, there is a demonstration in February, graciously provided by one of our
parishioners. This Tea and Bread Afternoon is an opportunity to get to know the other bread



Clara Nasello (CND) at 613-241-7085 and/or clara.nasellocnd@gmail.com

3 – Celebrant’s Assistant


The Celebrant’s Assistant (CA) functions as the “Master of Ceremonies” for liturgical
celebrations at St. Joseph’s Parish. In ecclesiastical terminology, this is the Liturgical Ministry
of Acolyte.

This ministry is all about providing service to the community by eliminating distraction and
miscues during the Liturgy. The CA is responsible for ensuring that all other ministries
interact smoothly and efficiently by providing discrete direction to all concerned. Like the
director of a play, the CA operates as much as possible “behind the scenes.”

“My experience as a CA makes me both humble and proud: proud to enable Liturgies that
proceed smoothly and prayerfully, and humble to know all about the efforts that others put
into creating a meaningful and cohesive Liturgy.”


Time commitment:

The CA usually serves for one weekend liturgy every 4 to 6 weeks. The CA should arrive
about 20 minutes before the beginning of the Liturgy to ensure that all is in order. The CA
may be required to assist with clean up following the Liturgy.



Knowledgeable concerning liturgical practices/theology and liturgical “flow,” especially
at St. Joe’s.

Able to provide direct support and assistance to the presider throughout the Liturgy.

Watchfulness and ability to respond as needs arise.

Comfortable being visible throughout the Liturgy

Comfortable with making announcements during the Liturgy






Meeting with the CA coordinator.



Bob Part at 613-837-3368 and/or rbpart@sympatico.ca

4 – Children’s Liturgy


In order to discuss the liturgy at an age appropriate level, St. Joe’s kids are invited to
participate in either the Kindergarten-Grade 1, Grade 2-3 or Grade 4-6 group.

During the school year at the 9:30 Mass, children are invited to gather for about 15-20
minutes to break open the Word of God. We recognize that children are equal in discipleship
to adults. Their experiences and contributions are validated and treated with respect. In our
activities, we invite children to express their faith at a level appropriate to their age and help
nourish their spirituality.

“Watching and listening to the children express their spirituality is life-giving, moving and
just wonderful. When I help the children reflect on what it means to be a follower of Jesus, I
learn so much myself and come away recharged and refreshed with words of wisdom to live
by for the week ahead.”


Time commitment:

Our Children’s Liturgy program always requires many volunteers. We facilitate three
separate groups and require a leader and an assistant for each group, who typically help
once per month. If you are a leader, some preparation is required. We communicate mostly
through emails but volunteers meet from time to time throughout the year for fellowship
and to share experiences.



A joy and affinity for working with children.

Some experience in managing small groups of children is handy.

A measure of creativity, sense of humour and patience.



We provide a workshop and shadowing experience. Ample resources and guidance are
available to help you be successful.


Police check:




Toni Tarasco at 613-981-2820 and/or tarasco.toni@gmail.com

5 – Counter’s Ministry


Monetary donations to the parish and its various ministries are counted each week by
volunteers. It is probably the oldest activity in our church, as there has always been a need
to count the donations given for the church and for the needs of the people the church
supports. Two counters are needed at all times. The tasks are generally divided by the
preferences of the counters and decided between them.


Time commitment:

: We try to maintain about eight counters so that the rotation would
require a commitment of about two hours just once a month. We always count on Sundays
following the 9:30 mass.



Accurately count the monies donated.

Ensure that the count balances (there are checks in place to do this).

Record cheques.

Complete deposit book.

Ensure that all monies are recorded according to the various ministries, e.g. Supper
Table, Oblates.

Maintain tax receipt information for visitors and non-registered parishioners.

Sort envelopes by number.

Ensure that deposits are placed in safe.



Sense of humour.

Comfortable knowledge of basic Mathematics.

Ability to work in an organized fashion and as a team.

Ability to follow procedure.



Provided for those interested in being part of the team.


Police check:




Jill Lamont at 613-680-3744 and/or jill.lamont26@yahoo.com

6 – Eucharistic Ministers


When we minister in sharing the Eucharist with our community, we are
nourishing and nurturing – helping people to become one body by sharing the
gift of Jesus’ body and blood.

Parishioners from all walks of life and experience are invited to take part in this
ministry, recognizing that it is both a privilege and a gift to be called to serve at
the Table of the Lord. Eucharistic Ministers are commissioned by the parish to
distribute the Body and Blood of Christ during the Liturgy in a spirit of loving

“I feel called, blessed and compelled to serve my parish and to grow in my faith in
the grace of God. I feel very proud to be able to serve as a Eucharistic Minister in
our parish.”


Time commitment:

Frequency of serving varies during the year from once a month to every Sunday
(the need is greater during the summer months). Eucharistic Ministers are asked
to arrive 10 minutes before the beginning of Mass and check in with the
Eucharistic Minister Coordinator.

During the Mass, Eucharistic Ministers come to the front of the church after the
Amen and form a semi-circle around the altar (you will receive training about
when to come up, where to stand, etc.). They are also encouraged to help clean
up after Mass.



Have been confirmed in the Catholic faith.

Willing to learn how to serve the Eucharist and follow procedures.

Available to serve a minimum of once a month.

Feel comfortable being in close contact with people.

Note: All Eucharistic Ministers are required to sign the Pastoral Code of Conduct.



Formation is provided. Eucharistic Ministers are required to attend an annual
Formation and Renewal Session.



Please contact the Front Desk for contact info of the Current Coordinator.

7 – Gospel Players


The Gospel Players are children who want to bring the Gospels to life by acting them out. In
this way, the message of Jesus becomes more alive for them and helps them and the
congregation to spread the Good News throughout the whole world. These children present
the Gospel dramatization from the Children’s Lectionary at the 9:30 Family Mass on the third
Sunday of each month. They also join older groups for dramatic presentations throughout
the Liturgical Year.

“It makes the Church more of a community. It allows more young people to get involved.” “It
was fun. And I learned more about the Bible.” “It was easy to go up and do it, and you make
people happy.”


Time commitment:

At a short meeting following the 9:30 Mass on the first Sunday of the month, the children
receive copies of the Gospel, choose the parts they want to play and have a brief practice.
Often their parents help them to understand the Gospel better, speak the words clearly and
assist them with the acting. Then on the third Sunday, they attend a 9:10 am practice just
before their presentation.



Any young children who show an interest in joining the Gospel Players are most welcome.
They learn quickly from the experienced children and from the directors, who are made up
of both adults and older children.






Robyne Warren at 613-424-4843 and/or warrenrobyne@gmail.com

Connie Goulet at 613-421-8299 and/or cgoulet58@gmail.com

8 – Lectors


Lectors proclaim the Word at the Sunday Liturgies with the goal of making the Word of God
alive and meaningful for the congregation, to better understand the Word of the Lord.
Weekly practice/discussion sessions are offered if a minimum of three lectors are able to
attend. The evening sessions are arranged by the Session Leader for that week.

“I learn so much about the readings and grow in my faith through meeting with other Lectors
at the Practice and Reflection sessions. It feels like an honour to proclaim the Word at Mass.”


Time commitment:

Lectors may be asked to proclaim and attend the preparatory meeting once a month (more
often for the Saturday Mass, less often for the Sunday Masses). During the school year, they
attend a practice session mid-week (Wednesday or Thursday evening, 7-8 pm) to prepare.
During summer, we use a voluntary sign-up sheet at the back of the church, with no weekly
Practice and Reflection.

It is recommended that Lectors arrive early before their scheduled Mass to advise the
Celebrant’s Assistant that they are present and ready to proclaim.



Comfort speaking in public and in front of a microphone.

Clear pronunciation in English.

Willingness to prepare individually and with other Lectors.



Each Mass community has a “Lead Lector” who gives information and trains and plugs in
new volunteer Lectors.



Lector Scheduler – Dick Gunstone at 613-262-2484 and/or dick.gunstone@gmail.com

Lead Lector 5:00 Mass – Ann Kelly at 613-749-8412 and/or ak-3@sympatico.ca

Lead Lector 9:30 Mass – Sr. Mary Ruddy at 613-231-3347 and/or mtruddy@sympatico.ca

Lead Lector 11:30 Mass – Mark Stolarik at 613-825-6015 and/or Mark.Stolarik@uottawa.ca

Shelley Lawrence at shelleylawrencerscj@gmail.com

9 – Liturgical Environment Committee


The Liturgical Environment Committee works in collaboration with the Liturgical Planning
Committee, designing and installing large scale, multi-media installations in the liturgical
space at St. Joe’s. These installations attempt to harmonize with The Music, Reflections and
other St. Joe’s Ministries in reinforcing The Word as presented in the Gospels.


Committee Members (2019):

Dorothy Collins, Cheryl Tymchuck, Kathy Crowe, John Weir. (Christophe Legare has made
himself available for lighting consultations as needed. Others make themselves available for
specific tasks such as setting up the installations.)


Time commitment:

Meeting times and locations are scheduled collaboratively, as needed.

At least one member of our committee attends the Liturgical Seasonal Planning meetings
and reports back.

Before Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter seasons there is usually a need for a larger time
commitment for planning, preparation and installation.

Aside from meeting the major seasonal needs, we also attempt to set a tone for ordinary
times and other events that are a parish focus.



We share our ideas, skills, talents, time, etc. collaboratively.

We have acquired quite a supply of materials which we store and endeavour to recycle
into different projects.

Our members contribute:

  • Leadership through developing ideas which can become an installation reflective of a
    seasonal theme.
  • Skills in sewing, floral arranging, suspending, lighting, structural supporting, building and
    balancing, elements of an installation.
  • Time and space in which to work to design and create installation elements, (usually a
    church space).
  • Physical strength for some heavy lifting and climbing etc.
  • An ability to share ideas as a member of the liturgical planning team.
  • Openness to work with others i.e. consultation with St. Joseph staff for direction as we
    proceed with installations (custodians, carpenter, front office staff etc.).
  • Some members help with specific tasks as needed i.e. installation, lighting, etc.



No training is required. Bringing an ability to share ideas and work collaboratively has
proven to be enough to plan, create and install the installations.



Dorothy Collins and John Weir at collind@rogers.com

10 – Music Ministry


Ministering to the community through Music.

The Music Ministry is a pastoral ministry that supports people’s journey to, relationship with
and experience of the Divine. It does so by enhancing the liturgy of the Eucharist and the
Word at Mass, and by enhancing other services through the gifts of song and instrumental
music. We minister to those who gather, promoting their active participation in the liturgy
as a whole.

The Music Ministry is committed to using the active integration of music into the ongoing
spiritual life of the parish community to enhance the liturgical experience by encouraging
and leading the gathered assembly in song. The hymns and other music are specifically
selected to expand on and reflect the other parts of the liturgy, notably the Word. While the
choir leads the singing, the intent is to bring the community together as a single choir raising
our voices in praise and thanksgiving to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Who can take part and minister?

St. Joseph’s Music Ministry welcomes people of all ages, from children and youth to seniors.
Regardless of your experience and whether a singer or instrumentalist, if you have basic
musical ability, there is an ensemble that will fit your gift.

Every member of the Music Ministry is a parishioner. The Ministry is led by the Music
Director, who is dedicated to promoting musical excellence and ensemble development.
Choir members often find that their vocal skills grow through their involvement in the choir.
The Ministry offers opportunities for those with the ability and the interest to serve as
cantors or soloists.

St. Joseph’s Parish is blessed with four choirs, one at each weekend liturgy. An integrated
ensemble composed of choristers from several masses sings at Christmas and through
Triduum/Easter. While many choose to join the choir at the Mass they most frequently
attend, the Music Director will work with you to determine which choir best fits your
availability and skills.


Saturday Evening 5 pm Mass Choir:

The Saturday 5 pm choir currently consists of fewer than 10 regular members. This tightlyknit, but musically disciplined “family” nonetheless often sings in harmony (SATB: soprano, alto, tenor and bass). As a smaller choir, every member’s regular presence and participation is critical.

This choir rehearses every Saturday from 4 – 4:45 pm, before the 5 pm mass.


Sunday Morning 9:30 am Mass Choir (Family Choir):

The 9:30 am choir is a multi-generational group of singers and instrumentalists, whose
mission is twofold: to support the assembly in song and to call forth and develop the musical
talents and leadership abilities of our younger parishioners. This choir is a good starting
point for those with less experience. It rehearses at 8:45 am before Mass.


Sunday Morning 11:30 am Mass Choir:

The Sunday 11:30 am choir is a traditional SATB choir that challenges all members to reach
high standards of excellence. In addition to singing St. Joseph’s “canon” of beloved hymns,
this ensemble also introduces new hymns and liturgical works to the community that reflect
the modern, inclusive spirit of the parish.

The choir is the core of the ‘high holiday’ choir and of the Music Ministry’s concerts
throughout the year. Its concert selections include recent compositions by Canadian
composers, bigger works and songs reflecting Canada’s and St. Joseph’s pluralistic

This choir requires greater commitment and engagement, with an expectation of personal
practice and reliable attendance at rehearsals, including every Thursday evening from 7:30 –
9:30 pm and again on Sunday morning at 10:45 am. To sing at Mass or in concerts,
attendance at rehearsals is mandatory.


Sunday Evening 7:00 pm (University Mass) Choir:

The University Mass Choir arises anew every new university school year, as it is largely
composed of university students who are studying or enjoy music, although all members of
the community who wish to join are welcome.

This choir rehearses Sunday evening an hour before Mass, at 6:00 pm, in the church during
the university school year (September – April).


Time Commitment for all choirs:

Depending on the choir, the usual weekly time commitment ranges from 2-4 hours,
including attendance at Mass. This is necessary to be able to truly serve pastorally by
confidently leading the assembly in musical prayer and liturgy. As our primary responsibility
is liturgical ministry, choristers must commit to Mass first and may not join solely for
concerts or the high seasons. Choristers are expected to attend rehearsals regularly, both
during the week (depending on the choir) and immediately prior to Mass, arriving promptly
and ready to sing. During the Christmas and Easter Seasons and prior to concerts,
attendance at additional rehearsals is also required.



Those interested in the Music Ministry should be able to carry a basic melody and match
musical tones when they are played. All singers are expected to have a positive and
respectful attitude towards the Music Director and other choristers and be willing to accept
direction from the Music Director.






A brief meeting with the Music Director to determine the most appropriate choir
and your voice placement (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass).

The Music Ministry is led by Jamie Loback, one of Ottawa’s most respected and rising young
choral conductors. Jamie holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in music from the
University of Ottawa and is experienced at leading children’s, youth and adult choral
ensembles, serving as Artistic Director of the Ottawa Regional Youth Chorus, the Ottawa
Catholic School Board Chamber Choir and the Capital Chamber Choir in addition to his work
as Music Director at St. Joseph’s. Jamie also plays a leadership role in weekly and seasonal
liturgical planning, ensuring an integrated liturgical experience.



Jamie Loback at 613-233-4095, ext. 228 and/or jamieloback@yahoo.ca

11 – Offertory Collectors


At each weekend Mass, just after the Prayers of the Faithful, the Offertory Collectors pass
the collection baskets throughout the community to receive their monetary offerings.
Usually a total of four Collectors are required, but this figure may rise to as many as eight for
special masses when the church is full or overflowing. Collector duties on such occasions
also include ushering members of the congregation during Communion. Each Mass has an
informal team of Collectors to carry out these duties. After the passing of the baskets, two of
the Collectors bring the collection forward during the offertory procession and secure it
before final accounting and deposit.


Time commitment:

Collectors serve for approximately 5-15 minutes during the Mass.



Ability to communicate and interact with others.

Proactive nature, watching for ways to help others.



Those wishing to act as Collectors should volunteer while basket duties are being assigned
and, if selected, they will receive instructions and on-the-job training.



David Robb at 613-834-4036 and or dm42robb@gmail.com

12 – Prayers of the Faithful


In the Prayers of the Faithful, the members of St. Joseph’s community respond to the Word
of God and to their baptismal commitment to the Christian way of life. Prayers are offered
for the Church, for those who govern, for those weighed down by various needs, for all
humanity and for the salvation of the world. These are the prayers of our community.

Prayers of the Faithful are included in each weekend Eucharistic celebration and also for
particular celebrations, such as confirmations, marriages or funerals.

“In formulating the Prayers of the Faithful, one can truly enter into the spirit of our faith by
contemplating the needs of the Church, the community, the afflicted, the poor and the
numerous challenges and needs facing our world today.”


Time commitment:

Time is required to reflect on the Word of God for the particular celebration of the liturgy
and for developing an awareness of current needs that require prayer and petition. The task
of writing the prayers is coordinated by having different volunteers write the prayers for
each Sunday. For example, with four volunteers, each would formulate the prayers for one
Sunday per month.



This task requires writing prayers which are sober, composed with a wise liberty and in few
words expressive of the entire community.



An orientation to the structure used in formulating the prayers is provided.



Dick Gunstone at 613-262-2484 and/or dick.gunstone@gmail.com

13 – Reflections Ministry


The members of St. Joe’s Reflections Ministry are lay parishioners and ordained clergy who
attempt to illuminate new dimensions of the Sunday readings through reflections that are
engaging, thought-provoking, true to the values and mission of our parish and church and
which respect the mature, educated and informed spirituality of our community. Reflections
are prepared and delivered in such a way as to support listeners to discover new meaning
and relevance in both the richness of the scripture lessons themselves, as well as in their
applicability to the daily life of the people of our parish and in St. Joe’s various ministries.


Time commitment:

Several hours to prepare a reflection.

Attendance at Saturday afternoon Mass and two Sunday Masses to deliver your

Attendance at periodic ministry meetings.



As this ministry reflects a break from the Diocesan norms, the choice of and continued
involvement of individuals in the ministry is based on rigorous assessment. The pastor and
current ministry members nominate members of the community to begin a discernment and
formation process before they begin serving as members of this ministry.

Ministry members must:

  • Have a passion for scripture
  • Attempt to live a reflective life
  • Express themselves in a manner that respects the intellect and faith of the
    community, reflecting and deepening an understanding of the parish’s charism,
    while also engaging newcomers and visitors
  • Be willing to embrace and act on constructive feedback, changing the tone and
    length of their reflections to respond to such feedback
  • While an attempt is made to represent the wide variety of parishioners who belong
    to St. Joe’s in terms of age, gender and life experiences, the ability to deliver high
    quality reflections that enhance the overall liturgy and St. Joe’s reputation and
    charism are paramount in selecting potential reflectors and in renewing their place
    in the ministry



The group meets for prayer, training and discussion occasionally.



Chris Adam at 613-233-4095 x223 and/or cadam@st-joseph.ca