The Funeral Ministry is comprised of a dedicated group of parishioners who are available to assist families as they deal with the loss of a loved one.

Facing our own death or that of a loved one often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. A meaningful funeral, which celebrates the life of a person, can help us come to terms with such a loss. The Funeral Ministry is available to serve grieving individuals and families with funeral planning and operations. Ministry members assist individuals and families arranging a funeral service at St. Joseph’s Church. Ministry members also assist any person who is terminally ill or in palliative care and who wishes to have help in preparing their own funeral service.

Members are available to make suggestions for the texts of a Mass, a memorial service, a wake service or a committal. We can help you select readings, psalms, prayers of the faithful, and hymns. We can explain many parts of the service, eulogy, and procedures. We are also able to volunteer during the service and reception.

For more assistance and more information, please contact Sharon Gravelle at