Fr. Jim’s Reflection and a Parish Update on the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In his reflection on the Gospel narrative of Bartimaeus as presented in Mark, Fr. Jim shares an experience with a guest of the St. Joe’s Supper Table.

“Let me tell you my story about being blind and the gift of perception I received. As you know, during the pandemic the St. Joe’s Supper Table had to change the way they cared for the poor who come to our doors. Instead of an evening meal served indoors, they began to provide take away meals for breakfast, lunch and supper. This generous service drew many people to the parish every day, and even had a few who decided to find a place of refuge on the empty spaces around the parish.

One individual was not only homeless, a drug addict, and a hoarder but also had a mental impairment. Many times, when I would come to church early in the morning, I would find him spreading all his belongings from one end of the parking lot to the other. Usually, my efforts to have him pack up his things and suggest he find another spot only resulted in both of us becoming frustrated and impatient with one another which would make me feel very troubled and bothered. In a way I felt like the people in today’s gospel who tried to hush the shouting blind beggar when he  asked Jesus for help.

As I wrestled with my guilty feeling about my lack of care, I found myself wondering why I saw this stranger as a problem to be dealt with rather than a brother in need. Talk about having your eyes and heart opened.  It was a grace moment that when we encountered one another in the same situation, it allowed me to approach this unique individual with dignity and respect, a brother in need and not a problem to be solved. I have learnt his name, have taken time to hear his story and I worry about his safety and well-being. Like Bartimaeus, his poverty is a challenge and a call for me. “

Liturgical Resources

Parish Update

Calling people of faith, in solidarity with all of creation

Parishioner Norah McMahon generously compiled online resources and prayers encouraging us to join in a global movement of prayer and solidarity ahead of the UN Climate Conference (COP 26). We are inviting parishioners to not only read these resources on our website but share their own prayers in the comments section. Please click here.

Good news from the Supper Table

As  Fr. Jim mentioned in his homily, the St. Joe’s Supper Table expanded its service this year to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to our guests.  We serve an average of 150 meals per day in total and this expanded programme has been made possible through the Social Services Relief Fund of the City of Ottawa, as well as the continued generosity of parishioners who donate through Sunday offerings and during the week. This week, our programme contact from the City provides us with feedback and shared that our meal service is considered to be amongst the best in Ottawa in terms of the quality of our food and the cooking.

Healing in All Directions: Personal Stories of Reconciliation with Sr. Eva Solomon, CSJ.

Personal Stories of Reconciliation with Sr. Eva Solomon, CSJ. An Anishinaabe and member of Henvey Inlet First Nation, Sr. Eva has been a Sister of St. Joseph for more than 60 years. She is the Executive Director of the Building Bridges Project for the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Western Canada. St. Basil’s Parish ‘Conversations for Our Times’ Series. Sun., Oct. 31, 2:30 p.m. Zoom link at

An Invitation from the Galilee Centre — Create the Path by Walking — October 27, 2021 at 1 pm

Inspired by the recent call from faith leaders of a variety of Spiritual traditions to recognize the significance of this moment and to take urgent action on behalf of our suffering planet, you are invited to join us at Galilee Centre for a communal prayer-action.  We will be joining with others in many different communities to surround the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) with prayers with and for Earth.

We will begin with a blessing and dedication of Galilee’s re-vitalized Labyrinth, which has been prepared by a faithful and dedicated team of volunteers. To be followed by a labyrinth walk for those who wish or other reflective walks on Galilee’s serene grounds.

We will conclude our time with a communal prayer for Earth lead by our guide and an informal period of sharing and refreshments.

Guide: Susan Kehoe is a Certified Veriditas labyrinth facilitator.  She has been engaged in retreat design and facilitation for over 25 years. A trained spiritual director with a particular interest in Contemplative practice, whether it is Centering Prayer, Mindfulness meditation, yoga or organic gardening.

No Cost: good will offerings are welcome.
To indicate your intention to attend please contact Galilee Centre @ 613-623-4242 ext 21 or

Vocation Reflection: “We Need More Than a Sight… We Need a Vision!”
By Jarek Pachocki, OMI – Vocation Director

“There are many forms of blindness besides physical blindness. Selfishness might blind us to the needs of others. Ignorance might blind us to the hurt we’re causing to others. Prejudice might blind us to the true dignity of another person. It is not with the eyes only that we see. We also “see” with the mind, the heart, and the imagination. A narrow mind, a small heart, an impoverished imagination– all of these lead to loss of vision, darken our lives, and shrink our world.”
Read the reflection here (published on Wednesday October 20):

Catholic priorities for the Glasgow Climate Change Summit

For more than two years, Catholic development agencies, religious congregations and the Vatican have been prepping for COP26 — a key meeting in the decades long international effort to limit the planet’s rising temperatures…”COP26 needs to be an inflection point in terms of the care of our common home,” said Sr. Veronica Brand, U.N. representative for the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. “It’s still within our reach to do much to prevent the catastrophic, worst-scenario consequences of climate change.” To read the full piece, please visit NCR here. 

Sunday offerings for October 17, 2021: $4,860

Thank you for your generosity!

*Cover art credit: Maria Laughlin / Belmont Abbey


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