Fr. Jim’s Homily and a Parish Update for the Third Sunday of Easter

St. Joseph’s Parish remains open for Mass on the weekend of April 17-18, 2021 by registration.  (Please register here to attend.) Fr. Jim offers the homily for the Third Sunday of Easter.  Our Pastor shares: “We can only begin to discover the truth of Jesus having been raised when we allow ourselves to be grasped by the power of the Risen One; when we allow ourselves to be transformed by Him. The truth of the Resurrection of Jesus will only begin to dawn on us when we act and speak in the power of the Risen One. “

You are invited to view the full homily in the video below:

Parish History Series with Terry Byrne and Joy Heft

Terry and Joy share the history of children’s, youth and music ministry at St. Joseph’s.

Liturgical Resources

Parish Update:

Public Masses at St. Joseph’s

Public Masses continue on April 17-18, 2021 according to our regular schedule by registration. However, due to new provincial restrictions, weekend Masses are cancelled beginning April 24th, 2021, until further notice. We expect to continue with weekday Masses with a lower (10 person capacity) during this period. Stay tuned for an update this weekend.

Temporary Closure of the St. Joe’s Women’s Centre 

A part-time cook in the St. Joe’s Women’s Centre has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Following Ottawa Public Health guidelines, the Women’s Centre is closed until April 26, 2021. We are in regular communication with OPH and staff deemed to have had high-risk contact are isolating. All Women’s Centre staff have been tested for Covid-19. Prior to reopening, OPH will conduct an inspection of the Centre. We pray for the full recovery of the staff person who is ill, and for the wellbeing of all staff and clients of the Women’s Centre.

First Communion Celebrations:

This past week during the April Break we welcomed to the table of the Lord at our Noon Masses André Horst Heft Lemire and Enlai Mathieu Joseph Louis-Seize.


This week, we welcomed Edmond Orlando Colm Lynch into the Christian community through the Sacrament of Baptism. He is the son of Liam and Jessica Lynch and little brother to Josephine and Benjamin.

Earth Day 2021 – April 22

When we look out our windows, or go out for our daily walk or bike ride, let’s give special thanks on Thursday for the infinite variety and beauty of the Earth – God’s Creation and our common home.  In springtime especially, we can see Creation at work and the gifts it gives us year after year: if it rains, the next day the grass looks a little bit (or a lot) greener; if it’s windy, the puddles dry up; when it’s sunny, the buds on the trees seem to explode.  The wonder of it all.  We are blessed to have a pope like Pope Francis who sees this clearly and has articulated forcefully how at risk it all is in his beautiful encyclical Laudato Si’.  On Earth Day (and why not every day), let us pray Pope Francis’s A prayer for our earth so we remind ourselves of what we have been given to care for and what we are at risk of losing:

In celebration of Earth Day, you might consider joining via Zoom an online gathering to discern our gifts for climate action in our community. Thurs., April 22, 1 – 2 pm EDT. Free. Hosted by For Love of Creation/Canadian faith-based organization. Info: [email protected].

Oblate Vocation Reflection: “Jesus had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread”By Serena Shaw – Vocation Team – Oblate Associate

“We have an opportunity like no other through the Eucharist, to hear what God is calling us to. As we are in community, it will become apparent not only the needs of those among us, but also, the gifts and opportunities in others. It is here at the Eucharistic Table; with our sisters and brothers, we will understand the mission of the church and the role that of each of us are called to within that mission.”

Read the reflection here (published on Friday, April 16:

Virtual Children’s Liturgy of the Word over Zoom:

Each Sunday at 9:30AM we are hosting a Liturgy of the Word for families and children virtually over Zoom. If you would like to join us be sure to send an email to Andrew ([email protected]) and he will send you the Zoom information. Although a Children’s Liturgy with accompanying children’s readings, it is also a great chance to connect for everyone in our community that hasn’t been able to come back to Church yet. So don’t be shy: All Are Welcome.  

Lectio Divina over Zoom each Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

Lectio Divina is a reflective exercise centered around the reading of scripture. We will be meeting virtually over Zoom to reflect on the Sunday’s Gospel and share with each other our insights and what the scriptures are calling us to look at in our lives and where they are leading us. Please join us by using the following link:

Pastoral Visiting Ministry

Although we cannot visit with you in person, our pastoral care volunteers are wondering if they could call you to see how you are doing. If you or a loved one would like a phone call – to check-in, chat and see how you are doing – please reach out. You can contact Andrew at ext. 235 or [email protected], who will then forward your information to our ministry. Our prayers are with you all at this time.

4 thoughts on “Fr. Jim’s Homily and a Parish Update for the Third Sunday of Easter”

  1. Please put me on the mailing list for Fr. Jim’s Homily, Liturgical Resources and Future Parish Updates. Thanks – JM

  2. So appreciated the homily today ….. truly the Resurrected one breaks through in our lives when we least expect it…. our eyes are opened!
    Love the songs chosen for today too…. See my Hands and Feet I hope the choir will sing in the future, thank you to all!

  3. When Fr. Jim’s homilies include a personal family story, we are honoured and, as always, deeply touched. The Spirit – and you –
    have done it again, and we are the better for it. An abundance of blessings on you Fr. Jim.
    Paolo and Renée Siraco

  4. When Fr. Jim’s homilies include a personal family story, we are honoured and, as always, deeply touched. The Spirit – and you –
    have done it again, and we are the better for it. An abundance of blessings on you Fr. Jim.
    Paolo & Renée Siraco

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