Fr. Jim Bleackley’s Homily, Liturgical Resources and a Parish Update on the Solemnity of All Saints

Dear St. Joe’s parishioners,

This weekend, we invite you to listen to a homily from Fr. Jim, as well as a children’s reflection from parishioner Melissa Demers, both of which we are sharing as videos. We also remember all those in our community, our family and our circle of friends who have died. You will find below a list of names added to our Parish’s Book of Remembrance.

In his homily, Fr. shares a story from a time when he served the Carrier peoples of central British Columbia, and specifically this Indigenous community’s connection to those who had died. Fr. Jim reflects: “Their November ritual expressed the deep union that exists between the living and the dead, and the idea that the good done by one part of the faith community impacts the rest…even those who had gone before them, marked with a sign of faith. There was an awareness that these people, these saints, continue to support them on their journey of life and faith. Today, on All Saints’ Day, we celebrate that communion with all those unnamed saints who during their life on earth discovered the utter goodness at the core of their being, and who now see God face-to-face.” Canadian players have more options than ever for example the Casino Canada Online, where you can find exciting games, welcome bonus options including free spins and real money, exciting slots, and more.

Fr. Jim’s Video Homily for the Solemnity of All Saints

Melissa Demers’ Reflection on the Beatitudes for Children:

Liturgical Resources

Solemnity of All Saints – November 1 2020 – Liturgy of the Word for use at home


READINGS FOR CHILDREN – Solemnity of All Saints

All Saints – 2020 – Prayers of the Faithful

The Book of Remembrance

In October, we invited parishioners to submit to us names of loved ones to add to our Book of Remembrance. As many of our parishioners are not able to attend Mass at this time, we are sharing the names added in 2020 to the Book of Remembrance here, in alphabetical order. We invite parishioners to continue to send us names for inclusion in the Book during the month of November.

Parish Update:

  • Fr. Jim will celebrate Mass on All Souls Day — Monday, November 2nd, 2020 at Noon in the church. All Are welcome.
  • Upcoming Announced Noon Mass: 
    • Thurs., November 5, 2020: Paulette Kavanagh (Requested by Helen Zettel)
  • We remember and pray for Fr. Johannes (Jan) Rademaker, OMI, an Oblate from the Ontario District who died on October 30th at Bruyère Hospital, in Ottawa. We give thanks for Fr. Jan’s life and his many years of faithful ministry.
  • Sunday Offering for October 25, 2020: $4,535. Thank you for your continued generosity! If you are attending Mass this weekend and would like to make a donation, you will find a Sunday offering basket near the main entrance of the church. You can leave your donation here at either the beginning or the end of Mass. If you are not yet returning to St. Joe’s for Mass this weekend or will be away, please consider using Canada Helps. You may choose the Parish fund of your choice through this form: You can also read more about the donation of securities here.
  • Development and Peace -Caritas Canada Fall Campaign – Covid-19 – Recovering Together: Please join us this Thursday, November 5 at 7:00 p.m. for a virtual gathering to learn about the impact of Covid-19 on the Global South and how Development and Peace – Caritas Canada is assisting our partner organizations, through your contributions, to respond to the pandemic.  We will also be discussing fundraising and other actions we can take to show our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the Global South.  Please RSVP to either Larry Martin at or Joan O’Connell at and we will send you the Zoom link.
  • With the Word in Silence — A Lectio Divina Retreat for Advent at the Galilee Centre: Come away and pause awhile in the silence of community prayer, in the silence of nature, in the silence of the heart. You are invited to participate in a 24hr. period of silent Advent Hope on November 27-28, 2020. Susan Kehoe of Contemplative Outreach of Eastern Ontario and West Quebec will be facilitating this program. Also available virtually. For more information, please click here.
  • Dear parishioners of St. Joseph’s Parish: We were pleased to be able to join the Universal Church celebrating Mission Sunday in October. Thanks to all of you who were able to be present physically at the parish to share in our prayer and reflection. Hopefully, you received a copy of our “Oblate Spirit” booklet. For those who could not attend due to precarious health, we want to include you. We invite you, as members of our Oblate Parish, to show as special concern for our Mission work by becoming committed with us in partnership with the poor through our Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate (MAMI). THIS IS YOUR INVITATION:, as Canadian Catholics, have also much to celebrate as we reflect on the 175 years of Evangelization from the Red River Valley west. The Missionaries of Mary Immaculate played a very significant role in that early ministry supported by several hardy Religious Congregations of women.Read the “Oblate Spirit” booklet to appreciate that the same heart is still present in missionaries today. This booklet, and former editions, are available in both English and French on the OMI website. Follow this link: Why should you consider the Oblate Missions a priority among the many charities seeking your support?
    1. In the document from the Canadian Catholic Bishops regarding “Freedom of Conscience and Religion”, the Bishops state: “ In obedience to Christ’s command, she proposes the Gospel to all people, which she is duty bound to do, because Jesus Christ is ‘the way and the truth and the life.’ All evangelization is but an effort to awaken the listener’s religious freedom to desire and embrace the saving truth of the gospel. We are never to impose our religious beliefs on others, but always to respect individuals and cultures, honoring the sanctuary of conscience.… No religion, therefore, can ever be externally imposed but must be adopted by a person ‘only through the process of conviction.’” This mandate is not only to religious congregations but to the whole church.
    2. We show Christian love not just in sharing the gospel message but assisting them to have the basic material things necessary for life. The people themselves choose and plan various projects that respond to these essential needs of water, education and medical for the communities.
    3. These projects are overseen, and an accountability report is made by an Oblate in the field for the MAMI office here in Saskatoon and for CRA oversight of our Registered Charity.
    4. The people must demonstrate commitment to raise funds or contribute labor. Their financial contribution has historically been matched by donations from MAMI. Their dignity is respected, and they have pride in their community effort.
    5. There are no administration fees, as the Oblate Province cover these costs. Every cent of every dollar you give goes directly to the mission’s projects.

    We have had great support from the seniors, but now we also need young families to step up and say that you are with us. Membership in MAMI will be a great catechetical tool to teach your children two very important paths to God. Firstly, regular prayer as a family for Oblate Missionaries. Secondly your financial donation to partner with the Oblates, as lay missionaries, will teach your children to be Christ’s love and compassion to the poor and those who have less.

    Seniors: Have you considered including the Missionary Oblates as a beneficiary in your will?  Contact the MAMI Office or:

    Thank you for hearing this invitation! (–Fr. Jim Bleackley, OMI)

During the month of November, you are invited to continue sharing with us names of deceased loved ones for inclusion in the Parish’s Book of Remembrance. Please write to:



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  1. I just finished listening to the on-line liturgy and was very moved by the reflections and hymns. But I really missed hearing Kathy Crowe sing the Litany of the Saints and the choir sing We are the Light of the World.

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