Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Liturgical Resources, Bulletin & Synod Update

Donna Rietschlin has prepared the reflection for Fourth Sunday in Ordinary time. In her reflection she talks about symbols and how they might help us remember to forgive readily and how that way of being helps us experience God’s love.

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Reflection link

Liturgical Resources

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time – January 30 2022 – Liturgy of the Word for use at home


READINGS FOR CHILDREN – 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 2022

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 2022 – Prayers of the Faithful

Mission Prayer

Vocation Reflection: “Love is our Primary Vocation By Susai Jesu, OMI

Special Announcements – Synodal Process at St Joseph’s Update

More on the Synodal Process of the People of God

The logo at the right is taken from Vademecum, 2.1, the Preparatory Document from the Synod of Bishops in Rome and will accompany us on our St. Joe’s experience of walking together as Church.



With the convocation of this synod, Pope Francis is inspiring a process of listening to one another and to the Holy Spirit in the local parishes in order to discern the path we are called to walk together as Church. In other words, this synod is really about being synodal in order to learn how to become more synodal.

The theme of this synod is about the very nature of the Church, the specific modus vivendi et operandi [way of living and operating] as Church.

It is an opportunity to discern together how we move along the path toward a more synodal Church, as a way of being for how the Church lives her mission in the world.

The process of listening, learning, and discerning together, helps to foster communion, renewal, and a missionary heart within the Church.

“Our walk together in following Christ is what most resembles and manifests the nature of the Church as the pilgrim and missionary People of God.” (Synod Preparatory Document)

The Church already has many ways in which she lives this idea of synodality, such as youth groups, bible study groups, CWL, Knights of Columbus, parish council, and outreach to the poor and marginalized.

While all the baptized are specifically called to take part in the Synodal Process, no one – no matter their religious affiliation – should be excluded from sharing their perspective and experiences, insofar as they want to help the Church on her synodal journey of seeking what is good and true. This is especially true of those who are most vulnerable or marginalized.

(Vademecum, 2.1)

We have set up a parish email to which you can send us your questions or request more information, and which will be available until we submit our summary up to the Archdiocese office May 6, 2023.  You can reach us at:

Here again are the links to two excellent short videos about this Synodal Process: the link for Prof. Cathy Clifford is: Prof. Cathy Clifford and the link for Fr. John Renken is: Fr. John Renken

Professor Cathy Clifford on Synodality – Zoom Sessions

Pope Francis has invited all of us throughout the world to share with him our experience of journeying together as Church and how that experience can be improved. To hear more about this and how you can participate, we have asked Fr. John Renken and Professor Cathy Clifford to tell us more. The date and time of the remaining presentation is Feb. 2, at 7pm with Cathy Clifford. You can register for one or more of these sessions by clicking here. Find the Zoom link for the presentations here.


Protests in downtown Ottawa this weekend

As you know, there are protests planned for Parliament Hill on Saturday and Sunday, and possibly beyond. A convoy of trucks and other vehicles converging in Ottawa will likely make commuting on the 416 and the 417 highways, as well as within the downtown area more difficult. As you know, St. Joe’s is close to Parliament. There is also a logistics centre for the protest set up in Sandy Hill. Please be mindful of possible road closures and delays if you are travelling to attend Mass this weekend. Our liturgies will proceed according to the regular schedule.

Financial Stewardship

Offering for Sunday, January 23th, 2021: TBA

Christian Meditation

Due to the ongoing COVID restrictions, ALL Christian Meditation sessions have been cancelled until February 4, 2022. Please check the bulletin for further updates.  Meditation sessions are available online through zoom.  If interested, please contact Beth at

Community Updates

Our Lady of the Visitation – Schnitzel Dinner

Sunday February 13th enjoy a homemade Schnitzel Dinner with potato salad, red cabbage, and Apple Strudel Dessert from Our Lady of the Visitation’s kitchen. COVID19 protocols followed. Proceeds to church restoration fund. Tickets $25 at 613-822-2007or email: Curbside pickup 4 to 6 pm at 5338 Bank Street.

Front Office Updates

2022 Church Envelopes are available.  If you have not yet picked up your box of 2022 church donations envelopes, you can do so in the following ways: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm in the front office (please call ahead: 613-233-4095, ext. 251) or,  At weekend liturgies by calling the front office in advance from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm and requesting to collect your box at one of the Masses.

2022 Missals are available for purchase, $5 cash, or cheque. Please contact the Front Office if you would like to purchase one: 613-233-4095 or

Prayers for those who are sick:  Paul Chamberlain, Jane McGarry

Prayers for those who have died: Christine Crawford, Donna Andrew, Sister Patricia McCarney CND

Mass Intentions

February 2, 2022: Alexandre De la Chevrotiere
February 3, 2022: Bruce Montgomery
February 4, 2022: Kennon Donovan

Please contact Kathleen in the Front office ( for bulletin submissions or to add a name to the prayers for the sick & deceased.

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