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Parish Bulletin for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

Please find the electronic version of the Parish Bulletin for the Fifth Sunday of Easter here: Bulletin – May 7 2023. In particular, we draw your attention to an update on a social justice petition that many St. Joe’s parishioners signed on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence. This update is provided to us by the St. Joe’s Peace & Development group.

This is also the last chance to register for Marsha Wilson’s retirement celebration on Thursday, May 11, 2023 at 6 pm in the Parish Hall. The event will include a range of refreshments, Hors d’Oeuvres, a video booth where you can record a personal message to Marsha, a special video montage produced by a professional video editor and music. All are  welcome to attend, but registration is required here:

Wishing you a restful weekend!

National Faith Commuter Challenge: Spring 2017

National Faith Commuter Challenge, June 2-11:
Interfaith ‘get to worship without your car’

Did you know that transportation comprises 40% of an average faith community’s carbon footprint?  Transportation is the second largest source of Canada’s GHG emissions.  That’s why traveling green is one of the most important ways we can be stewards of our planet.

This spring, Faith & the Common Good is working to make the faith sector a part of the nationwide Commuter Challenge that takes place in June, and coincides with National Environment Week. Faith communities will be encouraged to reduce the ecological footprint of commuting to their centres of worship.

Between June 2-11, people of all faiths are invited to pick a day and travel to worship on foot, by bike, or by public transit and carpooling. On that day, participants will be able to log in to track their trips to worship and also see their GHG emission reduction, calorie consumption, distance, and fuel cost savings. They’ll be able to check out which faith communities and cities have the highest percentage of participating travelers.

“We wanted to design a climate action program that would be fun and easy to participate in for congregations across the country.” says Executive Director, Lucy Cummings.  “The website lets you see how leaving your car at home can save money, burn calories, and contribute to a healthy environment.  When our diverse faith communities come together to fulfill their sacred calling to care for Creation like this, the impact can be powerful.”  

Go that extra mile!
To register to take part, please visit and choose “St. Joseph’s Parish” on the second page.


Transportation Facts


The Faith Commuter Challenge is supported by Auto Recyclers of Canada’s Grants in Gear, with local support teams in Halifax, NS, Hamilton, ON, Sudbury, ON, Calgary, AB, Vancouver, BC, and more.