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Fr. Jim’s homily & liturgical resources for the Baptism of the Lord

Fr. Jim has prepared a video homily for the Baptsim of the of the Lord and we are also sharing with you resources for this Sunday.

”This epiphany which was so vital for Jesus’ life and mission is the gift every baptized person received as they affirm God’s presence, word and love abiding within their hearts. An affirmation and identity we only recognize when we allow the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to what is right and good.

Too often when people talk about the reasons for baptism, they often focus so much on the need for a fallen people to make themselves worthy by washing away original sin that they fail to recognize the affirmation and identity God gives when people receive this sacrament.

Often when I was preparing parents to share the Sacrament of Baptism with their young children, I would begin by asking the following questions. Why are you here? What gift do you want to share with your children? What are you asking of the Church?”

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Christmas 2021 Reflection & Bulletin

Fr. Jim Bleackley offers the reflection for Christmas. In it, he shares:

“For the author of the Gospel of Luke the real miracle of Christmas is that shepherds are at home with God. Shepherds were near the very bottom of the social order of the day. They were considered worse than prostitutes and tax collectors. That even this group could be one with God is for Luke the real miracle of Christmas and is the highlight of his account about the birth of Jesus. It is worth noting that it is only when these despised shepherds hear the message that the heavens suddenly become full of angels, singing joyous praise of God…In seeing these outcasts at home with God, we come to realize that not even our sinfulness need be an obstacle in God’s plan to be Emmanuel, to be at home with us. Tonight, we are invited to experience this mystery by allowing Christ to enter our flesh, our weakness, our poverty, and our sin; to allow this sacred gift to redeem us and make us a people who are zealous for good deeds because his presence, truth and love is the light that over comes the darkness of our world.” Continue reading Christmas 2021 Reflection & Bulletin

Fourth Sunday of Advent & Father Jim’s Reflection

As we move through Advent,  Fr Jim Bleackley offers the reflection for the 4th Sunday.
” The story of the Visitation is our story. God communicates with us inviting us to be a part of his saving plan; to make God’s presence, truth and love visible in our time and place. In our darkened world which struggles to face the pain and suffering caused by the ever increasing pandemic, the dangerous crisis of climate change, the mass movement of migrants and refugees and the injustices inflicted on Indigenous peoples, let us remember that we are a people overwhelmed by God’s goodness and peace. Believing that nothing is impossible with God, let us be lights for the world by allowing God’s saving power to flow through our faith, hope and love. Remember that the mystery of the Incarnation teaches us that we can only do that by accepting to becoming one with those who are suffering and walk this difficult path with God’s wisdom and grace.”

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Fr Jim’s Reflection & A Parish Update for the 3rd Week of Advent

As we move through Advent, Fr. Jim Bleackley  offers the reflection for the 3rd Sunday, ”It is important to have a critical eye, but if it not balanced with a sense of wonder, it could easily become a destruction force that would do more harm than good. It is this sense of wonder that helps us experience God in our midst, the one who rejoice over us with gladness and who is shaping and renewing us with divine love. It is the sense of wonder that fills our minds with new possibilities, and allows each one of us, like the people in today’s gospel, to ask the question, “what should we do?” Also, it is the sense of wonder that opens our hearts to hear God’s answers to our question. ”

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