Ash Wednesday 2021: The St. Joe’s Church Choir performs virtually

Thank you to Liam Kennedy-MacDonald for editing this virtual performance of “Ashes” by Tom Conroy. And many thanks to all members of the St. Joseph’s Parish Music Ministry for preparing this for Ash Wednesday.

Liturgical Resources for Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday – February 17 2021 – Liturgy of the Word for use at home


Ash Wednesday – 2021 – Prayers of the Faithful

Mission Prayer

An Ash Wednesday service will be celebrated in the church on Wednesday, February 17th at noon.

5 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday 2021: The St. Joe’s Church Choir performs virtually”

  1. Thank you and many blessings to all those responsible for this. I was on the hunt for service for Ash Wednesday and I was delighted to find my parish had its own.

    Henri and I will take part in the service this afternoon.

  2. Ashes brought tears to mu eyes. Very moving and comforting. Many thanks to Jamie, Jim, Liam and all the choir members.

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