Andrew Pump’s Reflection, Liturgical Resources and a Parish Update on the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear St. Joe’s parishioners,

This weekend, we come to you with a video reflection by Andrew Pump, liturgical resources and a parish update. Andrew speaks of the nature of the Kingdom of God and how we may access it in our lives and in our communities. Andrew shares: “The Kingdom of Heaven is within, and that no matter what the economic or political order of the day, we all have access to the love and grace of God in our hearts. Whether we are poor and struggling, or living life luxuriously, we can all find this treasure. More often than not, this treasure comes easiest to those who suffer and are poor. This has been a major transformative challenge for me: forcing me to reign in my politics and desire and to begin cultivating that personal relationship with God and searching for ‘that peace which the world cannot give.'” We are sharing Andrew’s reflection on video below, as well as the complete written text, and of course in person at this weekend’s Masses.

Access the complete text of Andrew’s reflection here: Andrew-Pump-Reflection.17thSundayOfOT.2020

Parish Update

  • Mass Registration will no longer be required for the remainder of the summer. Thank you to all who have assisted us by registering in advance of attending Mass following our reopening in June. The experience of the past several weekends has shown us that there is plenty of space at each weekend Mass, even with our reduced capacity of 90. All are welcome.
  • L’Arche Ottawa is off to the races! This announcement is shared with our community by parishioner Donna Rietschlin: When the coronavirus pandemic was declared, community life was turned upside down. L’Arche Ottawa has relied on being together and gathering in person to foster acceptance, belonging, and love, but this has not been possible since March. The community quickly reinvented its “community life” and found ways to connect our homes and other community members virtually. Regular meetings for core members and assistants give us a chance to discuss COVID restrictions, share concerns and talk about the future. A number of other virtual gatherings have been arranged to include our friends and family as we sing, pray, and even “Zumba”. We have also had to reinvent our fundraising. For the last five years L’Arche Ottawa has participated in the Tamarack Race Weekend and this fundraising effort has allowed us to offer programs such as chair yoga, drumming circle and art to seniors in our community and neighborhood. This year’s race is “virtual” in two ways: We are participating in the race, from our homes and in our backyards; walks will be in small groups, maintaining distance, following the restrictions of a life in ‘lock down’. Funds raised will help enhance our “virtual” community life by bringing creative opportunities into the homes for activities such as Drumming, Chair Yoga, and Arts and Crafts Classes. To find out about different ways to support us, click here. To make a donation, click here.
  • Refugee Outreach Committee: The 17 members of the Refugee Outreach Committee and its Settlement Support Group continue to share the parish’s “time, talent and treasure” with our new neighbours – 9 adults and 10 children. During this Covid-19 time some of us have gained expertise in using virtual tutoring with children and their parents over Zoom. We have acquired bicycles for all the children and some adults and have engaged them in CanBike safety workshops. Some children have also been enrolled in summer camps at their community centres. We are striving to assist a family of a special needs child with the registration fees for a 5 week specialized summer camp. With their limited and changeable income, the family can afford only 1 week. The fees are unusually high this year due to the high level of supervision and experienced staff and covid-19 safety requirements. Fortunately 80% of the funds have been raised. We welcome tax receiptable donations from parishioners to ensure the child is able to attend the full program offered. Please contact Dona Bowers at or 613 299 9789 for more information.
  • Thank you to our volunteer gardeners for the care you have shown this spring and summer. Our grounds look beautiful and inviting!

    174 Wilbrod St. entrance
  • Sunday Offering for July 19, 2020: $4,495. Thank you for your continued generosity! If you are attending Mass this weekend and would like to make a donation, you will find a Sunday offering basket near the main entrance of the church. You can leave your donation here at either the beginning or the end of Mass. If you are not yet returning to St. Joe’s for Mass this weekend or will be away, please consider using Canada Helps. You may choose the Parish fund of your choice through this form:
  • Christian Meditation continues in our church each week on Mondays at 9:30 a.m. and on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. Please enter through 151 Laurier Avenue East.

Thank you for your graciousness and patience as we keep our church’s doors open and public Masses celebrated, while following many restrictions in what has proved to be a particularly warm summer.



Christopher Adam

One thought on “Andrew Pump’s Reflection, Liturgical Resources and a Parish Update on the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time”

  1. Thank you, Andrew, for your insightful discussion. God is with us always, and not just when we need him. To achieve constant communication with our Lord requires prayer, quiet reflection and above all faith. Our relationship with God does not take a given time to occur but devotion and love can facilitate a relationship which can be everlasting.


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