A video reflection by Joan O’Connell on Solidarity Sunday

Today is Solidarity Sunday. I’m thinking that these last couple of weeks have made all of us start to realize what solidarity really means. We may have understood it before on an intellectual level or gotten upset enough about a particular social injustice that we understood it on an emotional level. But with the breadth and the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the very real impact it is having on us, our loved ones and our way of life, we are coming to understand solidarity on a visceral, heart, soul and gut level…

Please see parishioner Joan O’Connell’s reflection in full below:

A St. Joe’s reflection for the 5th Sunday of Lent – Solidarity Sunday – the date of the annual collection in all Catholic parishes in Canada to support the work of Development and Peace – Caritas Canada.

9 thoughts on “A video reflection by Joan O’Connell on Solidarity Sunday”

  1. Thank you Joan, I am enjoying this liturgical community, at at distance. I appreciate how you shared, as well as what you shared, your peaceful demeanor is a blessing.

  2. Great reflection for the Solidarity Sunday! Thanks for sharing this with us. Joan.

    N.B. I had to turn the sound to the max as it was too low. Thanks to adjusting it for next time.

  3. Thank you for this reflection. Since it is so important to hear this, you must speak louder.

    Or increase the recording level. I was fortunate to have a memorex.

  4. Joan, like you we care deeply about the mission and work of Development and Peace-Caritas Canada and feel privileged to be in solidarity with our partners in the Global South. We made our contribution yesterday but after your reflection we realize we can and should do more. We will increase our monthly donation and hope that others will consider becoming monthly donors as well. Let us weave a web of love and solidarity as we reach out to our neighbours, locally and globally.
    Thank you for your inspired and inspiring reflection Joan.

    John and Anna

  5. Thanks so much, Joan. Like John and Anna, I feel deeply inspired by your reflection and actually sense, for the first time since this “Stay at home” regulation was enacted, a deep sense of personal PEACE. I also feel that I, too, would like to up my monthly donation as I have become acutely aware of the never-ending endemic the people of many parts of the Global South suffer,,,, never ending fear and turmoil!!!! At least we can fairly safely believe there is a light at the end of our tunnel.
    Thank you again ! We all realize the effort, time and prayer that you put into this.

  6. Joan, your reflection is delivered with much sincerity and clarity. Through our heightened vulnerability that accompanies the pandemic, we now experience a little of uncertainty that so many on earth live with each day f their lives. Romero’s words are wonderful to hear. Thank you.

  7. Joan , a sincere thank you for your sincere and insightful reflection. We are rapidly learning about our own vulnerability, and perhaps more able to relate to and care about the uncertainty that so many on our planet live each day. Romero’s words are so wise.

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