A Gingerbread replica of St. Joe’s & The Sunday Bulletin

Recently, we’ve shared information on the on-going reconstruction of the church’s front entrance. This weekend, however, we’re excited to share with our parish community a replica of St. Joseph’s Church made not from stone and mortar – but from gingerbread and candy!

The St. Joe’s gingerbread church is the work of Christina Dansereau, and it forms part of the silent auction at the Supper Table’s Christmas dinner on Saturday, December 10th spearheaded by Sue-Anne Hess. We’re excited to see who will get to take home this tasty replica of our church for Christmas! Thank you to all who purchased tickets or supported the St. Joe’s Supper Table fundraising event through donations!

Read the complete Bulletin for the Third Sunday of Advent here: Bulletin – December 11,2022

Christopher Adam
Photo courtesy of Paul Dansereau

Gingerbread replica of St. Joseph’s Church in Ottawa. By: Christina Dansereau.

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