Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Reflection & Bulletin

In the reflection for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary,  John Rietschlin invites all of us to continue seeking God’s call in our lives.

“I want to begin my reflection today with John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin.  Though not in this Sunday’s Gospel, we just celebrated the feast day marking John’s birth on Friday.   We all know the story of the birth of this remarkable man. How Elizabeth, John’s mother, became miraculously pregnant well into her older years.  How Zachary, John’s father lost his ability to speak when he refused to believe that this could happen and then recovered his speech when he gave his son the name announced to him by an Angel.  We know too how Jesus’ public ministry began as he received baptism by John in the Jordan and how those present heard God’s voice announcing Jesus as God’s son.

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Corpus Christi Bulletin And Reflection

In the reflection for Corpus Christi, Mark McCormick speaks of service:

The Body and Blood of Christ, June 19, 2022

In my younger years, when I was full of zeal, just aching to discover my mission in life, I was accompanied by a spiritual director who encouraged me to discover God’s call by opening the Bible at random, and incorporating whatever lesson or command my finger happened to land upon.


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Most Holy Trinity — June 12 Bulletin

Printable Bulletin 

June 12


Invitation to St Joe’s 2022 Annual General Meeting

St Joe’s 2022 Annual General Meeting – June 15th at 7pm

St Joe’s Annual General Meeting will be in the Parish Hall.  Please plan to attend.  We will review last years minutes, our annual report, the financial report and appoint the auditor for the upcoming year.  We will discuss possibilities for next year and appoint PPC members for 22-23. Please rsvp to Kathleen Strader [email protected] by Monday, June 13th.

Donna Rietschlin
Parish Pastoral Council Chair

We’re pleased to share with you the Parish’s Annual Report, as well as other resources for the upcoming AGM.   Please find all AGM resources here.

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Pentecost Sunday Bulletin

Printable Bulletin 

June 4th bulletin


Construction in parking through-way

The University of Ottawa has launched a major renovation project on the Soloway residence located across from the St. Joseph’s Parish rectory. Construction began June 2nd and may continue until August 15th. The project also includes the resurfacing of the shared through-way by the University. Due to staff turn-over and vacancies at the University , the Parish only learned about this project on May 27th..  Over the past week, new staff at the University have been in negotiation with Parish staff and have been diligent in hearing and addressing our concerns with respect to minimizing the impact on Parish services and the faith community, and financially compensating the Parish for any lost parking lot revenue. The University has also acknowledged with regret the late notice to our Parish and is committed to working closely with us moving forward. Please be aware of the following changes in place for the duration of construction:

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Sixth Sunday of Easter

On the Sixth Sunday of Easter,  Fr Jim Bleackley offers the Homily.


“When Jesus leaves his disciple peace, he is leaving them both the revelation of the non-abandoning love of God and the task of restoring peace on the war-torn earth. It should be noted that these two dimensions of peace are intimately related. As the beatitude says, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. This is the peace that arises from the very presence of God in our midst. This is the peace that enable the community at Jerusalem to discover ways for reaching harmony within its widening diversify of backgrounds. This is the peace that is still very much alive and active within our own community here and now today. Our coming together is a miracle of grace.”

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Fifth Sunday of Easter Bulletin and Reflection

On the Fifth Sunday of Easter,  Eleanor Rabnett offers the reflection.


“The Gospel again this week is very short, and we hear Jesus saying: “Now is the Son of Man glorified, and God is glorified in him.”  When I first read it, I wondered what in the world am I supposed to do with this.

Today we are here together in a time of God’s glory.  On the cross Jesus showed us glory – Not in coming down from the cross in a magnificent news-making spectacle – but rather, in a spectacular act of heart, of immense love as he forgives those who are killing him. Divine Glory is manifested in his forgiveness of the actions of others toward him, toward those who killed him.”

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Fourth Sunday of Easter Homily and Bulletin

On the Fourth Sunday of Easter, Fr. Jim offers a video reflection for our community:


“The fourth Sunday of the Easter season always presents a gospel selection on the theme as Jesus as a good shepherd who deeply cares for all those who hear his voice and followed him. In today’s gospel, we find Jesus in the temple area during the winter feast of Chanukah, commemorating the dedication of the temple, the feast that celebrates God’s presence among his people.”

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Third Sunday of Easter Bulletin and Homily

In the Homily for Third Sunday of Easter, Fr. Jim Bleackley reflects “Recognizing Jesus in all of creation, especially in our day-to-day human encounters, is what it means to live a life of faith. Our mission as Christians is to see one another and all of creation with the eyes of faith, and so recognize the Risen Christ in our midst. As we acknowledge and recognise this Divine Presence, may we humbly declare our love for Christ and commit our lives to the transforming action of the Spirit who desires to bring healing and light to the wounded and darken places of our world.”

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Second Sunday of Easter Homily and Bulletin

Homily for the Saturday 5:00 p.m. Mass on the Second Sunday of Easter

Fr. Jim is offering the homily at Saturday 5:00 p.m. Mass only this weekend. In it, he shares: “Jesus’ resurrection isn’t something that happened just once to someone else, giving credibility to his teachings and lifestyle. If we are imitators of Jesus, it affects the very core of our own lives.” To view the video, click here:


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