During the time of shock and grieving the funeral planning process can be a mystery, we try to help in any way we can. We hope that these concrete steps will help you to plan and prepare a funeral mass at St. Joseph’s Church.

1. If you desire one-step help in planning the funeral, please contact Sharon Gravelle:

613-837-3368 or segravelle@bell.net

2. Spiritual counselling is available with our Pastor Fr. Richard Beaudette:

613-233-4095, ext. 222 or rbeaudette@omilacombe.ca

3. To plan the liturgy and other elements of the funeral mass, please contact  Sharon Gravelle, our Funeral Ministry Director or Andrew Pump, our Pastoral Director:

613-233-4095, ext. 235 or apump@st-josephs.ca

4. For music for this important event, please contact Jamie Loback, our musical director:

613-233-4095, ext. 228 or jamieloback@yahoo.ca

6. Funeral Masses are held on Mondays through Fridays at 10am and they may also be held in the evenings or on Saturdays prior to 12noon.

7. The church has a large reception hall, where refreshments following a funeral mass can be offered. The rental fee for funerals is $100.00. Many people use the gathering area at the church entrance for small sit-down receptions of 30-50, or large standing gatherings of 100 – 150. The rental of this space for funeral receptions is $50.00.

8. Flowers may be left in the church or may be brought home, depending upon the wishes of the family.

9. For funeral guests, parking is available at the parking lot on Wilbrod Street.

10. Memorial Masses for your departed loved ones can be arranged by contacting Sharon Gravelle.

11. Scripture Readings for Funerals

12. Grief Support Resources

13. Funeral Planning Sheet

14. Prayers of the Faithful suggestions


How does funeral planning begin?

The team follows a Funeral Planning Sheet. Please download the Funeral Planning Sheet and bring it to the Funeral Planning Meeting.


What will occur at the meeting?

A member of the team will coordinate a meeting with you. The meeting will also include the pastor and possibly our music director. This ensures that the funeral reflects the faith we have in God and the promise of new life. It also reflects the way God lived and loved through the person who has died.  As a group we will discuss your wishes for a funeral and complete the Funeral Planning Sheet. This will be the Funeral Ministry’s guide for the funeral.