Healing Services
These take place about 3- 4 times a year.
Members of this ministry invite anyone seeking healing ( in all its forms), to join in communal prayer, annointing, laying on of hands, and time for fellowship afterwards. There is also time for private prayer with one of the Healing Ministry Leaders. Watch the parish calendar for dates.

One-on- One Experience of Healing Touch
For: Anyone who is experienceing spiritual, emotional or physical stress/pain

Purpose: restores balance and harmony physically,emotionally and spiritually
Creates: relaxation, calm, lightness, clarity of thought and peace

In a state of health, life energy flows freely. Within all living things, there is a natural movement toward growth and wholeness. The treatment stimulates the person’s own recuperative power to promote healing for themself.
Everyone is welcome to come and experience a treatment for yourself
The dates for the Fall are: September 21st, October 19th, and November 30th
Friday morning: 9:30-11:30