Reflections Ministry

The members of St. Joe’s Reflections Ministry are lay parishioners and ordained clergy who attempt to illuminate new dimensions of the Sunday readings through reflections that are engaging, thought-provoking, true to the values and mission of our parish and church and which respect the mature, educated and informed spirituality of our community. Reflections are prepared and delivered in such a way as to support listeners to discover new meaning and relevance in both the richness of the scripture lessons themselves, as well as in their applicability to the daily life of the people of our parish and in St. Joe’s various ministries.


Time commitment:

  • Several hours to prepare a reflection
  • Attendance at Saturday afternoon Mass and two Sunday Masses to deliver your reflection
  • Attendance at periodic ministry meetings



As this ministry reflects a break from the Diocesan norms, the choice of and continued involvement of individuals in the ministry is based on rigorous assessment. The pastor and current ministry members nominate members of the community to begin a discernment and formation process before they begin serving as members of this ministry.

Ministry members must:

  • Have a passion for scripture;
  • Attempt to live a reflective life;
  • Express themselves in a manner that respects the intellect and faith of the community, reflecting and deepening an understanding of the parish’s charism, while also engaging newcomers and visitors;
  • Be willing to embrace and act on constructive feedback, changing the tone and length of their reflections to respond to such feedback.
  • While an attempt is made to represent the wide variety of parishioners who belong to St. Joe’s in terms of age, gender and life experiences, the ability to deliver high quality reflections that enhance the overall liturgy and St. Joe’s reputation and charism are paramount in selecting potential reflectors and in renewing their place in the ministry.


Training: The group meets for prayer, training and discussion occasionally.

Contact:  Chris Adam        613-233-4095 x 223