Mission: St. Joe’s Financial Coaching Ministry has for its mission to equip St. Joe’s parishioners with tools and education in personal finance management in order for them to prosper at any and all stages of their lives.


This ministry consists of:

  1. Free confidential one-on-one financial coaching with a certified financial coach which includes:
    • Preparing a written, monthly budget
    • Creating a plan to reduce and eliminate your debt
    • Providing money-saving tips
    • Helping deal with specific financial issues
  1. Financial Peace workshops to teach the basic steps to manage personal finances God’s way, taking control of ones finances, getting out of debt, saving for the future and making an impact with ones resources.
  1. Access to educational resources about sound financial and biblical teaching.

To book your free coaching session or for more information contact Mélanie at or 613-294-1418