The Lectors of St. Joseph’s proclaim the word of God at our Masses and prepare for it by participating in a weekly practice and reflection session held from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on either Wednesday or Thursday from Labour Day to June.

Why Be a Lector?

A distinguishing mark of St. Joe’s is the amount of time we spend together individually and as a group as we prepare to proclaim God’s word. Even experienced lectors will find new dimensions to being a lector.

The joy, responsibility and privilege of being a lector changes you.

Lectors continuously learn with and from their fellow lectors, and from the experience of preparing and proclaiming.

Lectors share freely: discernment, training, scheduling, mentoring, and practising are all volunteer roles.

Lectors pray: we read and uphold the prayers of the people after the ministry of the word, we pray in preparation, we pray together.

Are You Called to Be a Lector? 

Loving, hearing and being moved by God’s word might be a ministry that you wish to explore.

Are you willing to commit to meeting with others to study and meditate on the readings for the week and to learn from the experiences of other lectors?

Try reading the Bible aloud each day. You may find that you are excited and grow in confidence.

Get to know some of the lectors whom you see each week and learn more.


If you are interested in becoming a lector, contact Katherine Laundy (klaundy(at) by e-mail or at 613-680-6860, or leave your contact information at the Welcome Desk. One of the Lead Lectors will then follow up.


Click here for the Guidelines for Lectors