Ryan Mitchell, the Manager of the St. Joe’s Supper Table, a mission of St. Joseph’s Parish, offers us a video message, in which he shares how he has been reaching out to the Sandy Hill community through the 151 Laurier Avenue East (rectory) food bank. Ryan also provides us with the following thoughts on the pandemic and lockdown experience:

“As Catholics, we can connect to the experience of the disciples. It’s often at Mass, in the presence of the Eucharist, that we can comprehend the truths deep in our hearts. We are reminded that our sufferings bring us closer to Christ and we are given the space to reflect on our actions and thoughts. The breaking of bread leads to personal reflection so that we can stop walking away from pain and embrace it in the human experience…We live in a time when we can’t see our loved ones and although this is a new distance and it is a new reality, all we might want is for them to be in our homes, on our patios. But the place we need to remember that our family and friends never leave is our hearts.”

If you would like to support the St. Joe’s Supper Table, please use Canada Helps and select “Supper Table” from the drop-down menu. Thank you for continuing to support our social justice outreach to the Sandy Hill community!